Blonde, Blue Eyed Perfection

My best friends and I have the experience of a lifetime when at Tannah's( one of my best friends) aunt and uncles wedding we find One Direction to be guests....


3. Hey you

As I shut the door, I turned to find both the girls staring at me, " What?" I asked them. "Ah, that was just to cute!" Tan said. I started to blush "And what about you two?" I said, they both squilled "That was the most amazing night I've ever had!" Fi said. " I know not only did we meet but we spent a whole night with them!" Tan said Fi and I both had a little celebration. "And I do believe that, that has Niall's number?" Tan asked. I hadn't even thought about the paper since we'd gotten in the car, I unfolded the paper which as tannah had said was Niall's number but, also had a note to me (Hey Beautiful, can't wait to hear from you. Xx)  I smiled closed the note and slipped it into my purse. When we arrived, we decided to all just sleep at Tan's house since we all live next to one another. I quickly ran to my house to get some comfy clothes to change into. When I got back to Tan's I ram upstairs to her room where I found both of the jumping up and down on the bed giggling, I stared at them with a straight face. The minute they saw me they plopped down and shut up. "You started without me!" I said as I ran towards them and threw a pillow a Fi. We eventually calmed down and sat and chatted for a bit and then went to bed. 

I woke up at 6:00 (great 4 hours of sleep) and tiptoed downstairs, I went to the kitchen and started on breakfast I made pancakes and coffee put it on a tray and walked back upstairs, I crept in quietly and found Fi other phone. She looked at me and smiled and then looked at Tan and back at me and winked. I walked over to the coffee table Tan had in her room and placed the tray down, then went over to the light and turned it on, jumped on the bed and Fi and I started hitting tan with the pillows "Wakey, Wakey!!!" we screamed."OK! OK!" she laughed, "Is that coffee and pancakes I smell?" she asked with a grin. "Yep!" Fi said, "And they're ALL for me!" she said as she stuck out her tongue and she got up but just then Tan pulled her back down onto the bed and said, "Not if I get to them first!" and jumped out of bed and Fi was hot on her heels they where in such a rush they ran past the table and into the beanbag couch tan had. We all started giggling and I got up and strolled over to the coffee table picked up a pancake and bit into it "Mmm..." they turned and stared at me and their jaws dropped, "AAHY!!!" they screamed. I just laughed. We ate our pancakes and drank our coffee and then ran downstairs to watch the glee that Tan had recorded. After that I went into the kitchen, "WHAT DO YOU GIRLS WHAT TO EAT?" I screamed to them, no less than 10seconds later and they where there. "BURGERS!" they screamed at me. "Ok! Ok!" I said "And pancake battered Oreos!" Fi giggled. They sat on the bar stools while I cooked the food, once I was done we ate. Then although I didn't want to leave we said our goodbyes as I had to go to a lunch. I walked home. Once I was home I went up to my room, I showered, got dressed in my skinny jeans, lace-up boots and white T with a grey top and did my make-up. Just then someone nocked on the door. "I'll get it!" I screamed as I ran down the stair. I got to the door and opened it to find Niall "Hey you!" he said "Hey you!" I replied. " You wanna come in?" I said as I stepped to the side. "If I may." he said we walked threw to the lounge and say down and chatted for a while, "Might I add u looked beautiful." he said and I looked down as I felt the heat on my cheeks "Thanks." I replied as I looked up through my hair. He gently swept my fringe behind my ear, "BIANCA!!! WE'RE LEAVING IN TEN!" my brother screamed as he ran down the stairs, "Ok" I said. Just then he saw Niall "Hi" he said, Niall stood up "Hi, I'm Niall." he replied. "OH, I know who you are the girls don't shut up about you." Niall looked at me and i began to blush again. "I see your on your way out, so PLEASE keep tomorrow open for me." he begged. "I will." i replied and I walked him out. I walked back into the lounge where Brennan was waiting "Bianca has a boyfriend! Bianca has a boyfriend!" "SSSHH!!!" I yelled at him, "He's not my boyfriend, we just met." he gave me a look and i turned and walked upstairs to get my bag as i did i smiled to myself at the thought.

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