Blonde, Blue Eyed Perfection

My best friends and I have the experience of a lifetime when at Tannah's( one of my best friends) aunt and uncles wedding we find One Direction to be guests....


14. breakfast

I woke up to the sound of pots and pans banging together, i rolled over to find nobody there. I turn to find fi on her own as well, she looks up at me and pulled the blanket over her face, El and Perrie where still asleep on the couch, tan sat up and looked at me confused. "If its not you in the kitchen then who the hell is?" I shrug and we got up and walk to the kitchen, to find the boys frantically running around. "ummmm...." fi said, and with that the boys froze.

Niall and Liam imediately run to form a wall infront of us, "Nothing to see here!" they say. "Please let's go back to the lounge" as they begin to lead us back out the kitchen, I duck under their arms and run into the kitchen, "I'm hungry!" I said as I open the fridge, grabbed what I needed and closed it behind me as Harry marched up to me, "What are you doing?!","Making something to eat." I said as I slid past him to the stove, grabbed a pan and was about to turn the stove on when. Harry pushes infront of me furiously screaming "GET OUT OF MY KITCHEN!" "Ok" I said walking out of the kitchen "but it's fi's kitchen?!" I whispered to myself with a giggle and walk through to the lounge and sat down next to Niall and he wrapped his arms around me, "So I'm guessing Harry won the argument?" Louis asked, "Well what gave it away?!" I answered sarcastically.


 "Well I need coffee so wish me luck!" tan said as she got up and walking towards the kitchen. "GOOD LUCK" we all said. "So whats the plan for today" Liam asked as he wrapped his arm around Tannah who’s cheeks went rosy, I winked at her and got a mouthed “shut up” as a response. “Not sure have you boys planned anything?” I asked. “Maybe” Liam said with a grin, not long after Filipa marched out the kitchen with her arms crossed and pouting. “So I’m guessing harry won again?” Louis asked receiving a glare from both Filipa and el whose head was resting on his lap. “Lads a little help please!?” harry called walking out the kitchen with a tray of cups and the smell of coffee in the air.

 Louis kissed Eleanor on the forehead and slid out and replaced the space with a pillow and ran to help harry Liam got up from next to tan and strolled over to help as Niall lifted his arm from around me, squeezed my knee and  gave me a quick kiss on the forehead before running to the kitchen to help. Harry walked around handing out the cups of coffee, harry finished handing out the coffees and sat down next to Filipa who took a sip of her coffee and gave harry a quick kiss on the cheek.

“HARRY!” the boys called peeping round the corner from the kitchen “oh right! Coming!” he hoped up and ran to the kitchen. “So do they always do this?” I asked. “No they’re just showing off!” Perrie said with a wink as Eleanor began to nod. I turned to look at the girls tan bit her lip as fi began to blush, we sipped on our coffees and asked Eleanor and Perrie whether they knew what the boys had planned but they said they had no clue.

There was a bit of arguing coming from  the kitchen before Louis came out with a cloth draped over his arm “breakfast is served” he said with a posh butler impression. We jumped up and walked over to the dining room “bout time” Fi said.

We sat down, I looked at the table and all the items placed perfectly along it, there was a plate covered by a bowl, another covered with a cloth, a jug of milk and a jug of juice. Wondering what could be under the bowl and cloth that had taken so long.

Louis stood up placing his cloth back over his arm, “Ladies and.... lads I give you breakfast made by the one and only chef harry and the rest of us lads!” and with that he lifted the cloth and bowl from the plates revelling.......

Toast and cereal. “Well done harry! Thanks for the effort” Filipa said sarcastically as she leaned over and kissed him on the check. “To be honest I was looking forward to some of those pancake Oreos Tannah was telling me about?” Liam confessed. “Well if harry doesn’t mind me using HIS kitchen I’ll whip some up quickly?” “OH.... he doesn’t mind!” Niall said with a wink as they all stared at harry who shrank into his seat.

I got up and went into the kitchen grabbed a bowl, some eggs, flour, sugar, Oreos, milk..... Mixed the pancake batter, put a pan on the stove and but some butter in to melt. I was about to dip the first Oreo in the batter when I felt Niall's arms wrap around my waist and a gentle kiss on the cheek making me blush.

“Smells good” Niall said when I was finished, he found a bowl and brought it over to me. He held it as I piled them up. “You’ll have to teach me sometime” he said, after taking a bit of one, “it's a date!” I said with a smile. Just then Zayne came into the kitchen, “you two planning on sharing?” he asked raising an eyebrow. “Coming” I said as I grabbed them from Niall.

I placed the bowl on the table and stood back and watched as they disappeared. “Those where amazing thanks B!” Liam said. “My pleasure”

Once we all finished we moved back to the lounge after a while Louis instructed us to go get ready and be ready by 1pm which didn’t give us much time since it was already 11:45am we said our goodbyes and let them out we ran upstairs to Fi's room and tan and I proceeded to go through her cupboard deciding what we were going to wear...

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