Blonde, Blue Eyed Perfection

My best friends and I have the experience of a lifetime when at Tannah's( one of my best friends) aunt and uncles wedding we find One Direction to be guests....


11. Blushing

Bren grabbed the ball, got up and ran across the grass. Niall gentally kissed me on the forehead jumped up and extended his hand to me, blushing I placed my hand in his and he helped me up and we ran after Bren laughing. We chased him all the way across to the grass that lead out infront of Fi's house where Fi and Tan stood grinning then they join us and ran after Bren tackling him. I stopped in my tracks and began to laugh as I was about to walk over to join them, Niall grabbed my hand and pulled me close, "Not so fast." he said wrapping his arms around my waist and I wrapped mine around his neck and he leaned in and...... "uuuummmgggmmmm..." we turned to find Fi, Tan and Bren all staring at us. Tan and Fi shook their heads and stared with blank expressions I'm Bren's direction. I blushed and began to giggle. The girls came over to us "Hey!", "Hey we where just coming ova to see if you were up for a sleepover tonight!" they said grinning from ear to ear. I turn and glance up at Niall, "Go." he whispers in my ear. I gave him a quick kiss and we said our goodbyes and I went with the girls back home to grab my stuff.

 We all got changed into our onesies when we got to fi's and then we arranged the lounge and playfully fought over who was sleeping where. "So...." Tan said. "Yes mojo?" I asked knowing the question before she'd even said it. "So is it official, are you two together?" she said with a smile on her face and with that the lights went out and we all screamed. "Dont worry." Fi said "It's just the switch. I'll get it." she said turning the torch on her phone on and getting up to go turn the power back on. Tan and I sat there giggling. Until we heard a crash and jumped to our feet then a scream come from the garage, Fi! I thought then felt the warm arms creep around my waist and the sweet scent of Him and turned into his imbrace, "Long time no see." he whispered and I giggled and he lent down and gentally planted a kiss on my lips. "Damn you Harry!" Fi scream storming into the room, " You scared me shitless!" she said as a tear rolled down her cheek "I'm truly so sorry Fi please...." Harry said. "Ok..." Fi said, as Harry wrapped his arms around her, I glanced across to Tannah who has Liam's arms wrapped around her waist from behind. "Getting cosy there B?" Fi said. "Maybe." I said as I felt the heat on my cheeks as I began to blush, just then we heard a crash and the three of us rushed to the kitchen window to  find Louis and Zayne on the floor.

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