In the sky 4

Continuation of "the ruby red blade of inhuman blood"


1. In the sky 4

Izalla’s point:


            I woke up, not feeling the best but awake, I tried to get up but my legs would not let me. I was struggling to breath, I felt like me lungs had been stabbed, most probably my ribs were crushed and pressed against my lungs.


As I started to recover my conscience, I saw the terrifying accident; the train had been cut in half by the other high-speed train.

 I am lucky I didn’t die, in fact I was surprised, but I know that this caused a couple of crushed bones, but nothing that wouldn’t get repaired.

I started moving trying to not think about the pain, I started looking for Cyri.


I couldn’t find her.


Making my way through the accident I saw Jason, he was laying down unconscious, I thought about helping him but I was struggling to even walk so I decided not too.


I continued seeking for Cyri but no results, the image of the burning train was amazing , not in the good way of course, but the train being cut in half was something that I never thought I would see that. Sometimes I wonder if Dardanos is the same, with the same problems and technology.


I kept searching but I had this weird feeling, the feeling that someone was searching for me, this feeling wouldn’t stop bothering me.


As I moved slowly through the train scrap that was left I saw Cyri, she had been stuck under a metal beam, the beam was oxidised and was cutting her in the shines, she was unconscious, I tried waking her up but I didn’t work.

 As I stopped working for an unachievable goal I felt something behind me, hot air was blowing to my neck, I felt butterflies all over my stomach.


As I tried to turn around he took me by my nose and mouth and didn’t allow me to talk or even breath. He had this cut in his forearm, he had bleed but his blood wasn’t human.


I couldn’t think.


His blood was the same as the one I saw all over the blade.


It was him, he found me.


He wasn’t human, but I know he wasn’t from Dardanos either, I asked what his name was, Kieran it was.


“What do you want?” I said struggling to move my cut lips.



“I will have time to explain.” Kieran answered with a rough inhuman voice.


We arrived to a wooden house in middle of the forest. The front was looking destroyed like if a tornado took it from a farm and left it in here but the inside… it was full of technology I never saw before.


He explained everything but I couldn’t understand, I was focusing in what happened to my wounds.


“Were are my broken ribs.” I thought to my self.


Out of the entire story I couldn’t take my mind away from a few sentences.


 “I had a task Izalla. I was destined to find you and protect you. Somewhere in this world there is another guy just like me searching for you. I came here to save you.” Kieran said.


Sincerely I didn’t believe what he was saying.

This smell came to me, the smell of burning wood. I thought that it was simply a fireplace somewhere in the house; I didn’t give it any importance.

I left Kieran, he went to have a rest.

I decided to go have a walk out in the woods, it seemed like a nice place to think about all the stuff that just happened to me and to think that someone was searching for me.


As I walk to the main door I realized that there was no windows in this wooden house, not something that normal houses have.

I opened the door with the bit of force I had in my arms, I couldn’t believe what I was seeing. The whole forest was set in fire but that wasn’t it at the back of the fire I saw a huge shadow of a buff man.


I was shocked.


I couldn’t move.








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