Love is a Big Mystery

How can you get to know, how much you love a person? That’s the question Lauren asks herself every day. And she can’t find the answer without making a mistake. But if you aren’t making mistakes, you can’t learn of them. //This is a story for the English Class contest. It’s a challenging task for me to write in English, but it’s also a chance to make my English better. And as I said before: you need to make mistakes, if you’ll be better. So I would love, if you would leave a comment and give me some constructive criticism! I can take it all – both the good things and the bad things –, so just be as honest as you can!


1. Prologue

Dear Diary

Sometimes I wonder how my life would be without Derrek. But I also wonder the fact that one day we could change our friendship. We could make it bigger. We could call it love. How would it be? I wish I could try it. I know that I like him, but I don’t know how much. A part of me always wants to kiss him, but the other part keeps me back. That’s why my feelings for him are so hard to describe; I don’t know them. Is he just my best friend or is he more?

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