My Life Used To Be Perfect

For the Movellas King and Queen. Realism.


1. My Life Used To Be Perfect

I sit their staring at the sky. My Life used to be Perfect. But now it's not. My Life is bad now. I used to have a perfect family, parents that never argued, never fought. A loving kind big brother who always took care of me. But most of all a best friend who was always their for me. I thought we would be best friends forever, that was when she came, changing my life forever.


I sit in the park, waiting for my best friend Tom. It wasn't like him to keep me waiting. I was given evil looks by people walking past. A group of boys walked in, then walked towards me.

"Hey girl, wanna party with us" one of the boys asked.

"Get lost!" I answered, feeling very shy.

"Come on!" one of the boys argued.

"Get lost!" I repeated.

Suddenly I spotted Tom he smiled at me warmly. I waved back. But that was when I saw her. She was perfect. Everything I wasn't. Long blonde wavy hair, bright blue eyes, a perfect face, a perfect body. A body to die for. She was holding Tom's hand. I suddenly felt she was trouble. Tom walked towards me.

"Hey Grace" Tom welcomed.

"Hi Tom, who is she?" I asked, gesturing to the girl towards the blonde girl.

"That is my girlfriend Lacey" Tom introduced.

"Hi, pleased to meet you" Lacey welcomed, but her eyes told something else.

Lacey gave me a hug, squeezing me tightly, her grip hard at the back of my shirt, hisses, evil like a snake. Her blue eyes piercing through me like ice, and just as cold and hisses.

"Tom is mine, get lost" Lacey hissed.

Then Lacey broke the hug, and smiled cheerfully at me.

"How did you get two girls, can I have one" one of the boys asked.

"Sure, this one you can all share" Lacey laughed, gesturing at me.

I looked at Tom hoping he would say no, and save me. But Tom just smiled, nodding his head.

I stared open mouth, tears brimming from my eyes, my heart tightening painfully. My heart pounded pounded rapidly. Tears trickled down my eyes.


That was the day I lost my best friend.


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