Just Me

Just me of course. any way i think so, since i can not remember much lately. you see my head does not work. i say it does not work but what i mean is its just plain daft. take last week for instance....what did i do... yes that was it....no it wasn't.....well any way to cut a long story short my mind is a mess and my life is all over the place. if i say i have a mental health issue will you get where i am coming from. i thought so well welcome to my world........hello.


6. The End

30th September 2015 My little memory lane has come to an end. now i can begin my life again and be reassured that the knowledge of my illness is recorded for ever, etched on these pages. i felt i needed to get it all on paper before my mind starts to move on to greener pastures. i needed to record my experiences of this illness so i can now move on and allow myself to forget at will all the horrors i have lived through because of it. i can now open a new chapter in my life and this new chapter will be called 'Endevour'. Since i endevour to succeed at full recovery. No pesky little voices are going to keep me down. i am looking to move forward with a fresh approach to life. i want to break the ties that bind us to useless forms of being. I am looking to become free for the first time. after discovering my inner strength from the illness i am moving forward with great hope that i can cope with my life now. i am going to play to my strengths. i am sort of a recluse, since the illness i have struggled with socializing but now i chose to be a full recluse. i have always been a quiet and shy person but now i feel the need to really be at one with myself. i am a lone wolf destined to enjoy my own company. not that it will be quiet like that since my partner is coming along for the ride too. Anyway it is going to be a new start, a fresh beginning and a new and improved me. just a brief mention since i feel it is important for me to say, i have written a book called Epoch that is for young adults of fourteen to fifteen to read and  i am very proud of my self for completing it since not only am i suffering from mental health issues, but i am also dyslexic. as i said earlier this is the beginning, the middle and the end of my story. Thank you for reading and i hope you enjoyed my diary. it was a fly on the wall approach to understanding mental health issues. i am also hoping my diary will strike a cord with other sufferers or with the family's and friends of sufferers. we can only help if we truly understand these conditions and i hope this has helped you the reader to get closer to this mental health condition and really feel as if you were in my shoes. as they say walk a mile in somebody Else's shoes to really get a grasp of what they are experiencing. well i think a full recovery is on the cards for me. i want to get on with my life and feel alive again. there is hope for all sufferers. i feel it just takes time, support from others and the determination to get well. it was not an option to get better i had to get better. i want to dabble my toes in the warm waters of life's springs and i want to feel the breeze blowing the cobwebs of my mind away. i will not take no for an answer, i will get there. were ever there is?

i will scale my Everest all the way to the top and i will be the first to say i did it 'my way'. Thank you goodbye.

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