Just Me

Just me of course. any way i think so, since i can not remember much lately. you see my head does not work. i say it does not work but what i mean is its just plain daft. take last week for instance....what did i do... yes that was it....no it wasn't.....well any way to cut a long story short my mind is a mess and my life is all over the place. if i say i have a mental health issue will you get where i am coming from. i thought so well welcome to my world........hello.


3. life

Hello only me again. What is the meaning of life..... sorry what?

where did that come from?

well I really want to now the meaning of life. I now that sounds a bit stupid but I have always struggled with this one. what with religen and all the world faiths does anybody now yet?

Its like a question within a question that nobody from any denomination is happy to answer. its all theatrical. could mean any thing. People have always killed themselves through out time. while this is supost to be the biggest sin that apparently Jesus can not save you from. there is no get out claws there then. Does anybody now why we live at all?

I suppose it is to produce more off spring and increase the population just like cattle and all animals. So why do we need to speak at all. Why were we given such a wide diallect. Maybe nobody cares and that is just the way were evolved. wops I am talking evolution now. We just evolved this way. So why is it that we females produce our off spring with such pain and other animals don't. Oh now i have become a believer in evolution. I am off again getting caught up with belief systems.

hello its just me again 20th September 2015.........still looking at the meaning of life?

oh yes i have been looking and know i feel i have my answer ready and waiting........well you see i talk to my voices and they talk to me....they are not very positive. as in i should dye most days but any way getting past that morbid fact we can see the reason i believe in my meaning of life. see how this grabs you. as more people are born on to the planet God gets smaller. in the beginning God was all powerful and filled with many spirits that made him whole and as he started to breath life into Adam and Eve he began the prosess of creating new life. this life filled the earth and subdued it. God also gave his spirits to the animals and birds as this poring out continued God became quieter and quieter. i believe our God is a male but other Gods could be female it is the nature of this being 'I am' to be eather male of female. as time goes on he will pore out his whole spirit onto the world. then unusual things will start to happen. the dead will rise up to meet the living and he will start to take his spirits back made in his image his holy children will create and form a whole god again and all our knowledge for thousands of years will be his and ours. as he collects his spirits which are us he will judge us as fit to be with him again or only fit to share life with other spirits in the fire of the sun. many call this hell but i believe it to the part of the living entity of God. we have a very negative view of such a loving creator such as God our true father. God will lovingly collect the fire from the sun and the water from the planet. he will create a water based bodies for his spirits and in case them in the water from the planet. he will then fetch the spiritual energies from the seeds of the plants of the planet and then we will be off like a commet shoting through space looking for a new set of planets to live on. as we shot through space we may come across a female God.this God will lissen to our songs we sing from our lifes on earth and become attracted to the knowledge we have learnt. this new God will join with use for a while and pass on her knowledge too. once we have found a new set of dry plants our God the father of us all with set the water down and arrange the planets into the right order for life to form again. then the fire will go in the sun again and we as spirits will live again in a new fresh bodies aquired from our union with the female God. so as you see this life is very special because it is the only life you will bear this body. on the new plant you will take on a new form and God will learn new things again from our next life. so i believe the meaning of life is to breath, stretch, touch, think and feel. it is to experience the physical form in as many ways as possible because we spend a lot of time in the spirit form with god trying to find a new home. we move through space for thousands of years searching for a new home. in this spirit state we make the body of God and we make him whole again. This proses of life on earth and life in space is very organic and ortimated by thousands of years of evolustion. these things will happen no matter what we say our do. God will take back his spirits, it just is. I am, will be whole again by a set of natural organic prosesses which will affect the world. the dead will rise back to him and the last living generation will dye to be back with him. in the end God will fetch himself compleatly and will leave. there is nothing to fear. the planet will dye in the end every thing as a beginning a middle and end. as this planet dyes God will fetch us all and ready us for our spirit life in space. don't worry we have done it many times before so there is nothing to fear. but i believe we will really miss the phisical life and will creave it in space. the phisical life is ten times better than the spiritual life because we can interact with things and other peoples bodies in the phisical life. this is my belief which gives me great hope for the future. i guess having voices is not all bad! well this is my personal feelings on the meaning of life i expect you think i am compleatly mad now well i am so live with it, i do every day infact.

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