bella is a girl who is daily abused by her father but when a boy crosses her path everything changes


3. The boy




(two weeks later) i opened my eyes and got out of bed.i walked over to my closet and pulled out a hoodie and a pair of skinny jeans,i put them on and my old converse .I stepped out in the hall quietly and into the living room,where ben was sleeping .I realised this was my chance to go outside and  take a walk,so i tiptoed over to the door and stepped out  i walked into an alley and i instantly had a feeling some one was following me,i heard footsteps behind me ,and i panicked and broke into a jog.I felt  someone nock me down and i looked up to see a big man standing over me,"please dont hurt me "I whispered.He  snarled and sat on top of me i screamed for help and tried to pull away but it was of no use.i was no competition for him he was too strong.he started touching me as i tried to pull away.All of a sudden someone ripped him off me and started punching him the man got up and ran away i realised the boy who saved me was standing there looking down at me , i stood up and he took a step towards me i instinctly took a step back.He looked at me confused.and he took another step towards me ,i whispered ''please dont hurt me "i said .He looked confused and then his expression changed into understanding,he said in a soothing tone "i wont hurt you trust me "sincerety filled his blue eyes and thats when i realised how beutiful he was ,he had messy brown hair,muscular arms and shoulders he was breath taking.I desided that i could trust him and i  said"thank you for saving me"He smiled warmly "It isnt safe for such a pretty girl to be walking alone in an alley ,were do you live ?"he said .I realised that Ben was probably awake now and realised i wasnt home ,he was mad and i would get punished for going outside!"i have to go"i said walking away towards my house ,i saw Ben throwing the door open and stepping outside he was pissed i had never seen him this mad ever .I was filled with terror and stopped in my tracks .he had seen me.i tuned around  and saw thatthe boy was still standing there looking at me i ran to him and told him to run he hesitated for a moment but when he saw Ben,he ran after me .we ran and ran until i was sure we had lost Ben,i stopped and he stoppd we were trying to catch our breath .He calmed down and stuck out his arm and said "im louis".






*im sorry that it took me long to write his chapter ill try to go faster comment what you think*

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