bella is a girl who is daily abused by her father but when a boy crosses her path everything changes


4. LouisPOV

I had been walking ,when i heard a femanine voice pleading for help.

i ran towards the screaming ,As i aproached i got a closer look of a big man struggling with someone ,i got closer and realised what he was doing ,i pulled him off of the person and started besting him.he got up and ran away.The girl who was attacked ,was still sitting on the ground i took a step closer to her but she backed up fear was in her eyes.I wont hurt you i promise "i said.She  thanked me and then she started walking away she froze all of a sudden and ran back toward me ,"Run"she screamed at me . why what was wrong what was she so afraid of . and then i saw a man running toward me "RUN " she said ,i ran after her confused we ran and ran until we were sure we lost the man,i caught my breath and stuck out my hand "im louis",i said breathlessly. The girls expression was sullen as she responded, "name's Bella". Our conversation grew silent till she surppressed a sigh. "we should...get out of here", I implyed queitly, almost awkwardly. Bella shifted her posture and warly nodded, not meeting my eyes. I stood up straight and before i could take a step Bella was already headed out of the alley. Her arms were tightly folded across her chest as if she didnt want to lay a finger on anything. I bit my bottom lip , " Do you know where you're going" I asked relucantly. "Any but here, if that's what you're asking", she muttered, fiddling with a peice of gravel. 

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