Justin Bieber Imagines

Justin Bieber imagines! :)
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17. Justin + Samantha =<3 xx



Samantha's Pov

I smiled at Justin. He was sitting on the beach chair beside me. A devious look came into his eyes and he got up getting closer to me. I just sat there unaware of what was going to happen.

He came over to me and as he got closer I got a fair idea of what he was going to do. I jumped up and started to run around the pool. No way was Bieber going to throw me in.

"Aww,please Sammie! It's just for fun!" he whined. 

"No Justin! I don't want to be thrown in!" I blinked and in that second Justin was gone. 

"Holy mother of" I muttered under my breath. As soon as I started to say "god". I felt something grab my leg and start pulling me in. I was submerged under water. I stayed under water for a couple of minutes since I could hold my breath. I saw Justin look at me smirking obviously enjoying the fact he had managed to pull me in. I just rolled my eyes at him and came back up gasping for air. 

"You're in for it bieber!" I reminded him picking up a towel and draping it over me.

He just smiled. "Sure!" he smirked. He knew I was horrible at getting revenge. I would just stick to the silent treatment. 

I turned around dripping all over the tiles. I took out my phone from my bag and started to text Alex. One of my close friends. I smiled at what she wrote to me. "Bieber thrown you in yet? ;)"

I quickly typed in a reply telling her to call me since I was running out of credit. Nearly a minute later I got a call. I felt someone staring at me and looked up to see Justin. 

"Silent treatment,eh?" he questioned arching an eyebrow up. "I'll just annoy you until I get you to talk to me!" he stated thinking he was oh-so smart. What Justin didn't realise was that I was used to all his stupid antics. I merely shrugged and looked the other way. I picked up Alex's call and started talking to her. Justin had gotten up and he was sitting in front of me whispering my name every two seconds the making  a funny face to try and get my attention. When he got no reaction out of me,he just sighed and sat there listening to my conversation. 

Alex told me she had to go since she was going to go and meet up with Alex. I know right,Alex and Alex? They make a cute couple though! 

"Bye Alex!" I exclaimed smiling. 

"Have fun with Justin!" she said back."But not too much fun!" she said laughing.

I blushed. "Love you!" I replied,ignoring what she said.

"Love you too!" she replied. Then I heard the beep. 

I looked up to see Justin had stormed off. "Justin?" I called out confused. 

I found him sitting with his head in his hands in his room. 

"Justin?" I ask. "Are you okay?".

He looks up. "Oh are you done flirting with Alex yet?" he questioned angrily. 

I was confused. "Justin what?" I asked perplexed. He just rolled his eyes and looked away.

"Justin that was Alex,Alex Shirwood not Alex Hemmings. What?" I asked again.

Justin looked down at the ground blushing. "You mean the girl Alex,right?" he questioned. I began laughing. "You thought...bahahahaha" I began laughing uncontrollably. 

"What?" Justin asked pulling me towards him by my waist. "You're mine Sammie and I couldn't help but get a little jealous". 

"What?" I questioned.  "You-are-mine" he said between kissing my nose.

I laughed. "Justin just ask!" I exclaimed.

"Fine then!" he exclaimed. 

"Samantha will you be mine?" he whispered. 

"Hmmm" I said tapping my chin with my index finger. "Yes!" I said.

He just laughed.

"You're a special one,aren't you?" he asked thoughtfully. Placing me on his lap.

"Hell yeah I am"


Hope you like it Samantha!

Sorry for the lateness! :) 

Areej xx

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