Justin Bieber Imagines

Justin Bieber imagines! :)
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22. Justin + Kendra =<3 xx


Kendra's Pov

I started chopping the vegetables for making dinner and Justin came into the room. 

"Hey baby," he exclaimed smiling at me. "Hey" I said looking up. "How was the studio?" I asked. 

"Great as usual but I missed you!!" he exclaimed coming closer maneuvering his hands around my waist.

"Careful Bieber I have a knife," I joked.

He pouted. "Not funny!" he said faking sadness.

"Go upstairs and get changed!" I moaned pushing him out of the way. 

"Yes sir!" he exclaimed charging up the stairs.

I tried to keep the giggles in but they spilled out. Man, was he a special child or what? 

He came running back downstairs and I was still chopping the vegetables. 

Man,was this onion strong or what? Tears began to pour out of my eyes as everything blurred. The fumes engulfing me. I sniffled and tried to cut it looking the other way but the fumes still got to me. 

Justin came running over to me. "Baby girl what's wrong?" he asked moving my hands away from the chopping board. 

"Hey hey,quiet now," he said worriedly wiping away my  tears.

"Justin!" I moaned. "I was making dinner,it was just the onion,".

"Yes but baby girl,I hate to see you cry,".

"Yeah but Justin it was only the onion!". 

"No Kendra hand it over!". 

"Finee" I muttered handing him the knife.

He started chopping the onion but soon tears began to spill out of his eyes too.

"Man.is this onion strong or what?" he shrieked. I laughed at his expression.

"This is the first time I've seen you cry" I chuckled.

"Yeah well,this is the last time I should see you cry," he whispered.

"Forever," I replied.

"And always" he whispered kissing me passionately.



Hope you liked it Kendra!

Sorry it was lateeee.

Areej xx


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