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25. Justin + Katie = <3 xx

Katie's Pov

I smiled as I looked up at Justins gleaming eyes. He looked so perfect in the moonlight. Almost like a dream come true. As if if you felt out to touch him he would disappear. So fragile yet so perfect.

He noticed me staring and smiled his goofy smile down at me.  

"Katie you okay?" He asked in his charming manner. I smiled and looked down at my hands. I was too scared to tell him he was perfect. The time just wasn't right. Justin reached over for my hand and entangled in with his. He gently pulled me closer to his chest then began to focus on the stars once more. His eyebrows furrowed as he looked for constellations. He looked so cute like that. I secretly took out my phone,turning it on silent mode and snapped a picture. I quickly scrambled to stuff it back into my purse unnoticed. Justins eyes lit up as he gently elbowed me pointing to a constellation and excitedly explaining why it was so special. I smiled and looked down at our entangled hands.

They fit perfectly together. "Katie?" I heard Justin say.

"What?" I answered confused. "Were you talking?" I added. He nodded smiling.I put on a puppy dog face. He pinched my cheeks. "All I said was that I have something for you" I smiled. "Sorry!" I exclaimed. He rummaged through the back pack he had brought and brought out a box of chocolates. "Ooh Chocolate!" I squealed. Justin chuckled. "Yeah these are for you" he said laughing. I quickly took it out of his hands and unwrapped one.

I looked up at Justin he was just smiling at me watching me intently. I quickly unwrapped another one and popped it onto my mouth. Justin caught on to what I was doing and opened his mouth. I popped one into his mouth as well but as soon as I started to take my hand down he held onto it. He held it by his cheek and closed his eyes.

"Ooh Caramel" he mumbled. I laughed. He quickly scooped me up into his arms and hesitantly picked up another chocolate. There was something different about this one though. There was something underneath it. It glinted off the moonlight and I hesitantly picked it up aware that Justins hazel brown orbs were watching my every move.
"Katie?" Justin whispered. I looked up and nodded dumb founded.

He gave me a slight smile.

"D-did you know that t-there was a ring in here?" I questioned him shakily. "Yes" he whispered. I looked down. "Katie I want to spend my life with you" he stated. "But Justin we're so young" I countered. "Yes we are but" he stated pulling me closer to him. "You're the one I want to be with" he whispered in my ear sending chills throughout my body. Tears formed in my eyes. "Can you wait?" I croaked out. "Yes" he answered. "Forever and a day" "You're perfect" I whispered. "No you're perfect" he whispered back making our foreheads touch. "But Just-" I started. "No" he replied touching my nose with his.

"Katie you own my heart" he whispered searching my eyes.

"And I wouldn't have it any other way".


Hope you like it Katie!

Asdfghjkl. This oneee <33

Areej xx

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