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13. Justin + Katie =<3 xx


Katie's Pov

I groaned as I stuffed in another shirt. My wardrobe had fallen out on me again! I hated it! But Pshht! Since when was I one to clean? 

The door of my room opened and closed and the shirt I just stuffed in fell out again. I sighed. This was too much work!

I looked up to see Justin. He smiled at me probably amused by my dilemma.

He picked up the shirt and said "I've never seen you wear this!" in an amused voice.

"Haha" I said sarcastically.

He sat down on my bed and watched me as I stuffed the shirt in again.I then quickly closed the wardrobe doors shut. I was not going to go through that again. At least not today.

I sat down on the bed beside Justin. "So.."I started. "How's life?" we both said at the same time.We both then collapsed in laughter. We knew how awkward we were being. 

I got up and put my hand out for him to grab.

He grabbed it and got up with me. "So what're we doing?" he questioned. 

"You mister are getting me Mc Donalds" I replied dragging him down the stairs.

"What if I don't want to!" he said back.

"Well then today's not your lucky day!" I replied sticking my tongue out.

I yelled bye to Mum and Dad and closed the door.

I intertwined our fingers and started to skip down the road dragging Justin behind me.

I start to blush realising what I just did and pull away. Justin grabs my hand again and whispers in my ear "Do you even know where Mc Donalds is?" 

I smack his arm. "Why did you whisper?" I ask. "You creeped me out!". 

"That was the plan!" he answers smirking.

We skip into town and quickly get into Mc Donalds.I order a double chocolate muffin and a small drink. Justin orders a dairy milk McFlurry and a small drink as well.

We wait till  our order is ready. This old woman comes up with her grandchild throwing the remains of a McFlurry in the bin. "You two make an amazing couple!" she exclaims. 

"Oh,we're not a couple!" I clarify while my cheeks turn into a rosy colour.

"Uh..Yeah!" Justin says. I look up at him and sees he's blushing a lot.

Wait,this is like the first time I've seen him blush.

I reach up and pinch his cheeks."Awh! You're blushing!" I exclaim. "Well you are too!" he retaliates reaching down to pinch my cheeks. "Not as much as you are though!" I answer. He blushes more.

"You sure about that?" the old lady asks causing us to lower our hands from each others faces in embarrassment.

"You only get that spark once!" she says while winking. 

Justin and I go a scarlet red colour. But before we can answer our names are being called for our order. She nods her head as is saying we can go. I smile at her.

We go up and Justin insists on paying so I let him.

We go sit down and it's kind of awkward but we split our food and feed each other.

That's what we always do though.

I never realised but we do act like a couple a lot but we aren't. With the holding hands to the sharing food. It just comes naturally for us.We're used to it now but to other people it must look like we're dating.

Justin leaned over the table "You wanna go outside?" he asks. "That lady still staring at us and smiling" he added.

I look up and sure enough she was. I nod my head in agreement and we get up and make our way to the door but before we leave I turn my head and wave bye to the old woman. She was a real eye opener. 

It was dark now and Justin grabbed onto my hand. "It's quite cold now" he said and at that exact moment I shiver. He stops and takes off his sweatshirt and puts it over my head  before I could say anything. "No Justin you'll get cold" I said. Reaching to take it off. "No it looks better on you" Justin insisted.

We walk in silence till we reach an old tree a couple blocks away from the park and my house.

I look up at him. Our faces being illuminated by the street lamps. We sit under the tree. Justin pulling me into his lap. 

"Do you think we would be a good couple?" I ask Justin randomly. 

He looks down at me searching my eyes for a moment.

"The best" he whispers.

I smile up at him. He then picked up a sharp stone off the ground and turned around to face the tree.

"Justin + Katie " he engraved in the tree. He then looked down at me in hope.

I smile nodding at him. He leaned down and placed his lips on mine.

I felt sparks like no other and time stopped. 

Fireworks exploded and I was left in a daze.

And frankly I would like to be left in that daze more often...


That is it! 

Hope you liked it!

Areej xx

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