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Justin Bieber imagines! :)
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12. Justin + Jane = <3 xx



Jane's Pov

I sighed. Justin Bieber was never going to notice me and I know right "Never say Never" but he wouldn't. 

After all the time I spent fangirling over him. This was it.

 I was about to press the deactivate button but I heard a beep.I looked down. It had come from my phone. I frowned thinking it was another text from Mum reminding me of the chores I had to do.

I sighed and clicked it open. It was a notification from Twitter. Probably someone flaunting about Justin following them.... Grrr.

I clicked it. My phone automatically opening twitter while I twiddled with my fingers waiting for it to load. 

When I saw it my heart stopped. I tried to keep in a piercing squeal but I let it out.

Justin Bieber had just followed me. 

THE Justin Bieber just followed me.

The Justin Bieber had just followed ME!!! 

I was in a daze. A smug grin appeared on my face.

Guess who's not deleting their twitter account? 

I jumped up and did my signature happy dance. My arms flailing all around the place.

I smiled widely.

Guess who's dreams just came true? That would be me!!!

I quickly went to his page. Not a second to waste. 

I could DM him now since he followed me. Holler!! 

I quickly typed it in spell checking to be exact. 

"Thanks for the reply.I was about to give up hope! Believe,eh? :)" 

I smiled at it. Wow!! I felt like I was on top of the world!

I jumped up and began to dance. This was just wow!!

My phone beeped again. I quickly got up and ran to see what it was.

"No problem..I'd hate to see a fan disappointed. :)" he typed back.

Oh my freaking god...Justin Bieber just replied to me...Like ERHMERGERD!!! 

I quickly composed myself and sat down on my bed. 

"*belieber.Haha! :) That's really nice of you! xx" 

I typed back..Was the "xx" too much? IDK MAN!!! DON'T JUDGE ME!!

I began to hyperventilate....I was talking to the Justin Bieber...Da biebs himself..Not just some roleplay account.

My phone beeped again.

"Yeah sorry. *belieber. aha :) So what's your favourite colour?" he asked.

Omb!! This has to be the best day of my life.

I quickly typed in a reply and our banter continued like that for an hour or two.

 **      **** * * * *  * *  **      **** * * * *  * *  **      **** * * * *  * *  **      **** * * * *  * * 

Justin said he had to go so I said  bye. I just cannot believe I had talked to Justin Bieber.

He seemed more real than I had imagined..

I had been doing the chores Mum had told me now..Because I know if I didn't I would be in Major trouble.

I heard the door open and I ran to open it.

When I opened it. I saw what I did not expect..

Justin Bieber was standing at my doorstep.

"Hey" he waved at me.

"What are you? I - " I stated pointing at my phone.

He smiled. "You seemed like an amazing girl so I guess I wanted to meet you" he said looking down to hide his blush but I still caught it.

Justin Bieber wanted to meet me? ME of all people and he was blushing. Wow just WOW!

"But how did you find my house?" I asked.

"Perks of being Justin Bieber" he replied smirking.

"So you can just stalk anybody?" I asked. 

He nodded and pulled me out of my house. 

"Let's go!" he informed me.

"But my Mum.." I said. 

"Already informed!"  he said smiling.

"Woah! So ahead!" I laughed. 

He pulled me along and soon enough we were at the park.

"The park?" I questioned.

"What? It's special!" he told me.

We kept walking till we found a deserted park bench and we sat down.

We talked for a while and Justin pulled me onto his lap.

"You're special,you know that?" he said to me.

"I sure am!" I replied sticking my tongue out.

He leaned in and kissed my cheek.

"You sure are!" he whispered.

And that moment all my fangirl dreams came true.


That is it!

Hope you like it Jane!!

Areej xx

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