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Justin Bieber imagines! :)
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9. Justin + Heather = <3 xx


Heather's Pov

Justin and I were having a photo contest.Whoever could take pictures with the most people won and got to ask the other person a very deep question.

"Um..Justin you sure this is safe?" I had asked. "What if you get mobbed?".

"It doesn't matter,I'm still going to win!" he had answered,sticking his tongue out at me.

Before I could answer he had screamed.

"Go!"  and with that he ran off. Urgh!

He had such an unfair advantage,him being Justin Bieber and all.

I looked into the distance and saw a huge crowd of girls surrounding him.He sent a wink in my direction and all the girls turned around to catch who he winked at. I quickly ducked down and got a buzz from my phone indicating a text.

It read :

"Good Luck! better start soon though.I'm going to win. Biebs ;)"

Urgh...The height of rudeness. 

I'm so going to try to win! Wait rephrase that I AM going to win!

I started to walk away when I felt a tap on my shoulder. I turned around and saw a girl around my age.

"Hey can I get a picture with you,I really like your outfit" she exclaimed.

I looked down it wasn't really that special but oh,well! 

My outfit >>>

"Sure" I replied. she quickly snapped a picture and I snapped one too. I got one!!! YAYAYAY!

But Justin probably has thousands by now..Hmm.. I need to step up my game!!

I started to walk again and I felt someone staring at me so I looked up,it was some dude and he was smiling at me.

I saw Justin in the distance and he didn't look too happy,his jaw had tensed..I don't even know why!

My eyes went back to the guy and he was coming up to me.Oh,the joys!

"You're that model,Aren't you" he questioned.

"Umm..I'm not a model!" I said blushing. "I'm so not pretty enough". I murmured.

"Hey" he put his finger below my chin and pushed it up so I was looking into his eyes.

"You are WAY prettier than all those models anyways! You have a league of your own" he said smiling down at me. He was WAY taller than me. But he was kinda cute and definitely nice.

"Uh..Thanks" I said before I got an idea.

"Uhm..Would you mind taking a picture with me?" I asked him..

"Uhm..No..I would love too but why?" He replied.

I explained the whole story to him and we took a picture.

"I have an idea!" Kendall declared. Yeah,his name was Kendall! (From Btr Gahh)

He took off running and with him he brought back a LOT of people mostly consisting of guys!

"Okay guys,This here is Heather" he explained.

"Hey Heather" they all chorused. I just waved back at them and looked questioningly up at Kendall,like what the heck is he planning to do?

He looked reassuringly back down at me. "Well,as you can see she's very pretty!" I blushed."And she kinda needs help with something so could you guys help her?" He asked.

"Yep" all the guys said again nodding enthusiastically.

He explained my situation and all the guys said yes. I started taking pictures with them.Some stuck their tongues out and made funny faces,some wrapped their arms around me and some gave me a kiss on the cheek.

Now there was only one guy left and the rest had gone to find more people. They were all really sweet and nice like Kendall.

The last guy put his arm around me and whispered in my ear "You know,there's this guy and he's staring at you over there". 

"What does he look like?" I asked him.

"Brown hair,Hazel eyes and wearing a snapback with supras and a hoodie". he replied nonchalantly. "Looking jealous" he quietly added.

My mind processed the though..It could be no other but J-Justin?. I looked over and noticed Justin averting his gaze and walking away.

"What the heck" I whispered back to the guy. "Boyfriend?" he asked raising an eye-brow. "Nope" I replied. "Hmmm" he said raising an eyebrow.

All the guys came back with more people.Oh,YAY! 

I AM SO GOING TO WIN NOW!!! Mwahahahaha! :p

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

After taking at least 100 pictures later I wandered around the mall,looking for Justin.

I bumped into someone. "Oh,Sorry!" I said looking up.

"Oh,hey Heather" the person replied.It was Kendall.

"Hey!" I replied. "Looking for someone?" he asked. "Yep! Justin" I replied.

"I'll help you!" he said smiling down at me.

We walked around till we saw a guy who looked like Justin "Justin!" I yelled out. He turned around and smiled at me but as soon as he saw Kendall he made a rotten face. He rolled his eyes and came over towards us.What? Was it because Kendall had his arm around me? This boy...I just don't get him at times. Urgh!

"We need to go" Justin said looking annoyed.

"Oh,okay" I replied deflated. Justin began to walk ahead."Bye Kendall" I said sadly while hugging him. "Bye Heather" he said squeezing me. "Good Luck with Blondie!" he teased. "He's not blonde" I laughed. "Whatever" Kendall said in a girly voice. I burst out laughing. He just smiled at me. "I'll call you later Heather" he called after me. "Sure!" I called back.

I started to run after Justin."Hey Justin wait up!!" I called after him.

He stopped and after I caught up with him he grabbed my hand and started to run again.

"Justin!!" I squealed but he didn't stop dragging me along.

The whole car ride was silent. As soon as we reached my house I broke the silence. "Justin...What's up?" I asked him.

"Nothing" he replied looking down. "I know there's something up!" I  pestered him. "I'm not blind!"  

"Is it that obvious?" He asked looking up. I nodded my head up and down vigorously.

He just laughed. "Well" He started getting serious. "I didn't like the way those guys were acting around you,You're mine!" He stated as if it was obvious. "What!" I exclaimed. "I'm not yours Justin!!!" I was going to rant before I felt a pair of lips on mine.

There were sparks and Justin and I pulled away at the same time. "Now,you're mine anyways so no need for any deep questions" he whispered chuckling.

"You're lucky you're cute" I huffed.

"You know you love me" he replied cheekily.

And you know what,what he was saying was 100% true.

100% true....always <33



There you have it Heather!!

 Hope you like it! :)

Lots of love xx

Areej xx


                       T h a n k  y o u   g u y s   f o r   t h e   s u p p o r t! <33





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