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3. Justin + Haley = <3 xx

Haley's Pov

"Justin where are we going?" I whined. We were in the car. Justin had told me it was a surprise but I wanted to know. Ugh!! He wouldn't tell me though! "Ju-u-u-stin" I stretched out his name. He kept his eyes on the road and said "Yes, Haley ". "Are we there yet?" I said tiredly.I had asked this question a million times before and had gotten the same answer again and again.

"Nearly" he replied. Again!! The same answer! "Fine!" I mumbled annoyed.I looked out the window and sighed.

"Haley" Justin said. "Em hem" I said."We're here" he exclaimed. "Really?" my eyes lit up like a Christmas tree. "No" Justin said smirking. I hit him on the arm playfully "Not fair!!" I exclaimed. "Hey" he said feigning offence."Well you lied to me" I pouted. "We are actually here though" He smirked."What?" I exclaimed. "Come along child" he said.

He got out of the car and opened the door or me. I looked around. It was beautiful.

The whole beach was empty just the two of us.There was a candle lit picnic set up in the center and there were rose petals everywhere.

"Justin...This is" I breathed. "I know you'd rather go fishing or something but" Justin began. "Sssh" I whispered. "But.." He started again."Nope,It's perfec-" I was about to say. "Sssh" he whispered as he smirked.I rolled my eyes.

He lead me to the center of the beach where the picnic was set up. 

We sat down and we were staring in each others eyes for a while. "Is there something on my face Justin" I asked.

"No" he blushed looking down. "Aww..I embarrassed witttle baby Justin" I said in a baby voice."Hey!" he said. "Awk wittle baby Justin is annoyed" I said again. This was fun! Maybe I took it a little too far because soon enough Justin was chasing me around the beach. I ran as far as I could but then I was out of breath. I stopped there.I was far ahead of Justin.I looked around this place was beautiful...I wondered where Justin had found this place...Justin caught up with me in no time at all. 

"Come on Haley,I need to show you something" Justin said quietly. He started to jog away.."Justin wait up" I screamed at him. He didn't turn around.Why was he so interested in getting back? Hmmm....something fishy was going on..

I took of my heels and started to run in the sand.The sand felt so good against my feet. So soft and cool after all this running.

I took off running after Justin knowing that he would be annoyed if I didn't.

I finally reached the picnic blanket and I sat down out of breath. "Justin,why-" I started before I looked up.The sun was setting and it looked beautiful."Justin this is perfect"I whispered not wanting to break the silence.

"Not yet" he replied.

Before I knew what was going on. Justin was on one knee looking up at me. 

"Haley.I don't know how to say this but,I love you.I love you so much Haley.I'm not afraid to tell anyone.I would scream it out to the world if I had to.."He paused looking down.

"I know this will sound strange and possibly stalkerish,But I want you to be the first face I see in the morning and the last thing I see at night.What I'm saying is..."He took a deep breath in.

"Will you marry me,Haley Ryan Lowery". 

I was shocked.My world at a stand still I had dreamt of this day but it was never so perfect.

A million things were going through my head. But I knew the answer. I looked down at Justin's hopeful face and I knew this was the right decision.

"No" I said loud and clearly.

"What" Justin  emotion was priceless.

"I'm just kidding silly! Yes,Yes! A million times yes" I screamed and hugged him ever so tightly. 

"Phew..I thought you were serious"Justin mumbled.

"Never"I replied.

"Never say Never" Justin smirked.

"Hey" I said hitting him playfully. "You just said it twice." 

"Yeah,Well it's different,You know when your trying to explain it-" He launched into a huge long lecture about it.

Man,When did I get so lucky?






There you go Haley! 

Sorry for the extremely long wait!! 

Hope you liked it!

I'm sorry guys though they might come even later though for you guys! You see my Exams are coming up! And I want to do well in them!

Love Yuh guys!

Thanks for the support!

Areej xx

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