Justin Bieber Imagines

Justin Bieber imagines! :)
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2. Justin + Chloe =<3 xx

Chloe's Pov

I brushed my long red hair. I hated keeping it down since it always got in my way while playing soccer. But Justin liked it down so I kept it down when I was around him. Even if my hair was up when he was around he would find some way of tricking me into taking it down. Which I think is really sweet. It's a miracle I found  a guy like Justin he's just too sweet and cute!

My phone beeped. It was a notification from twitter. I know I shouldn't put my notifications on since I get notifications for the hate as well but still I love reading them! 

I looked at the tweet it said;"I feel sorry for @It'sChloeNotCholeLoves.She probably hasn't seen this pic yet :L" then a link.

I started to press the link, Wait..was I really going to ruin my mood and this was probably just a hoax but... what if it wasn't.

I started to inch my finger forward to press the button,I took a deep breath in and I clicked it.It started to load but got stuck. Ugh! I wanted to see it!

Just then the doorbell rang. Well at least by not seeing it I'm in a good mood. I ran to get the door. 

Justin greeted me "Hello gorgeous" he said. "Hey Justin" I replied. He kissed my cheek and said "Shall we go?". "We shall" I replied. He smiled and I smiled back at him.

I locked the door and put the keys in my purse. Justin was waiting outside the car for me. He opened the door for me and I said "Thanks". He replied by saying "No prob love". What a gentleman!  He ran over to his side of the car and sat in."Ready to go" he said. "Yes" I replied. 

He started the car and we were on our way.I knew were going to Justin's house but I didn't know what we were doing since Justin had planned it.I wanted to help but Justin  insisted so  I let him.

We arrived and Justin got out of the car and opened the door for me.Once I got out he said "Wow Chloe,You look even more beautiful than usual". "Justin,stop!" I said while blushing. "Not in a million years darling" he said as he winked. This sent me into a laughing fit.Oh my god. Why does he do this to me?

"Come on" he said "I need to show something to you". "Okaay" I said unsure how to reply. He looked at me" You'll love it" he declared. "Sure"I said sarcastically. "Hey that hurt" he said feigning offence. But he knew I was just playing. I laughed and he smiled.

" Your so cute" he said while grinning like a child. "No i'm not" I said back. "Yes you are" he said. "Nope"I replied. "Yes" he said.By now I was sure I was winning.

All of a sudden my purse fell from my hand and everything came flying out including my phone. A devilish look came in Justin's eyes. Before I knew what was happening Justin took my phone and ran.What?!? I ran after him and screamed "Justin!! give that back". I was out of breath in minutes. Before I realized ..The picture.. The stupid picture!! What if it loaded and Justin saw it.Before I processed the thought.Justin came back and he looked disappointed and annoyed.

Before I knew what I was doing I turned around and started to walk away. "Chloe,Chloe" Justin called after me. But I just kept walking. I looked around and realized I was already in Justin's sitting room. I realized how long I must have kept walking and how long Justin must have been following me. I stopped and sat on the couch. I put my head in my hands. Why did I have to click the picture.

I suddenly heard panting beside me I looked up to see Justin staring back at me. "Chloe" he started. "I know,I know Justin,You hate me now" I said deflated.

"Chloe,How could you not trust me. I've given you all my love.Did you not realize?" he said. "I did realize,I just...ugh..I don't know..I just pressed it Justin" I said quietly.

This pissed Justin off.

"Did you not freaking trust me?? I gave you all my freaking love Chloe.Do you not think that I love you?" Justin said infuriated.

"Love?" I mumbled. "Yes Chloe.Damn it! I love you so much" Justin said tears brimming in his eyes.

I felt a wet tear slip down my cheek. "I-I-I'm s-so sorry Justin.I-I-I didn't know.The girl sent me it and it was so tempting.I j-just..I don't know...I know you wouldn't ever do that..I'm so stupid...Oh my god I just..." I was on the verge of breaking down.

Justin came over and pulled me into his embrace."No,I'm sorry Chloe" he whispered in my ear.I smiled weakly.He wiped away my tears with his thumb."Thank you Justin" I whispered."Nothing is to small for my princess" he said and smiled his beautiful smile.

"Come on,Forget this happened" he said. "What?" I replied. "Just come on" he insisted. I walked out into the garden.I saw a beautiful picnic blanket with a picnic blanket on it.! "Oh! Justin" I breathed. "Yes,my love" Justin said. I hugged Justin tightly."Thank you so much"" I can't believe I ruined  everything." I whimpered. Justin shifted underneath me. He looked me in the eye "Nothings wrong love.Everything is perfect" he said.

He brought me over to the picnic blanket and sat me down. "Chloe I've wanted to tell you something since the day I met you and ask you something but I thought it would be too early but today is the day". He took in a sharp intake of breath. 

"Chloe,I love you  and always will.I just...How do I say this.." He scratched the back of his neck "No matter what happens there is Nothing like us and will never be..No matter how many fights we get into everything will be alright..And all I wanted to say is Chloe I love you and want to spend the rest of my life with you..Will you marry me?"

I was in shock!

"Justin!! Wha...YES,YES.YES!!" I jumped into his arms.He smiled "Thank you Chloe for making me the happiest person a live" he whispered in my ear. "No Justin..Thank you."I replied.

Our faces got closer and we kissed.

Then BOOM!

Fireworks everywhere!

Just the way I like it...




There you are Chloe! Hope you like it!! Sorry that it's late!! The rest of yours are coming soon!! 

Love you all!!


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