Justin Bieber Imagines

Justin Bieber imagines! :)
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23. Justin + Arianna=<3 xx



Arianna's Pov

"Ariannnnaaaa" Justin sang.

I rolled my eyes. "Yessss" I replied.

"Come over here,I need some helpppp" he sang again.

I walked over to where he was. "What do you need help with?" I asked him.

He smiled and gestured me to come over to him. I went over and he sat me on his lap.

I looked at him questioningly but he just smiled.

"Arianna which ring is prettier?" he asked gesturing to the screen on his phone. I looked down and my voice got caught in my throat. The rings were beautiful and they looked like wedding rings.

"Justin- W-why are you looking at wedding rings?," I asked him.

He blushed and looked down."Becauseeee" he whispered.

"Why because?" I asked him.

"Because I wanted to," he replied twiddling with his thumbs. "Just tell me which ring?" he asked.

"The second one" I replied. Both of them were really pretty but the second one takes the cake.

The ring >>>

It was beautiful.

"Good!" Justin exclaimed. "That's the better one,". 

"Why are you looking at rings Justin?" I asked again.

"Justin??" I questioned. He took a deep breath and looked down.

"Arianna I want to be the one you wake up to,the one you tease over cheesy lines,the one you call down for breakfast,the one who will always be yours,forever".

"Justin are you proposing to me?" I asked.

"Yes,kinda" he muttered looking up at me,"Will you let me be the one to light your heart up?".

"Yes Justin yes," I smiled,tears welling up in my eyes. 

"Thank you," he whispered.

"No thank you," I whispered.

"Forever till the day we die".  he whispered.

Forever till the day we die.


Hope you liked it Arianna!!

Fun fact about that ring up there!

The diamond is worth 20 million! Wowzaa.

It's called the Moussaieff Red Diamond.

Do you think Justin would be able to afford that? Eh eh? :) 

Areej xx

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