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16. Justin + Ally =<3 xx



Ally's Pov

I smiled at the text open in front of me.

"Meet me at the park...It's important!!! :) Justy xx"

I had skipped down the road to our favourite place the park and was searching around for him.

I couldn't see him anywhere. My light blonde hair flew wildly as the wind picked up and my green eyes scanned the area once more.. Where was he?

I made my way over to the willow tree and peered underneath it. I was shocked there lay a picnic blanket with a picnic basket on top of it. Beside it was a guitar I knew to be Justin's.

"Justin?" I called out. I knew he was here somewhere.

I walked over to where the blanket was and I realised there was a trail of rose petals. I started to follow them until I came across a note. 

"Hey Als, I need to tell you something...." was all it said.

"What is it?" I yelled out. I knew Justin  would be somewhere hiding behind a tree laughing at me. 

I kept following the trail of roses until I came across another note. It said "It's important Als"

"I think I got that" I mumbled sighing following the trail once more. The trail neared an end and I looked up. There stood Justin. He handed me a note. It said. "Als I lo-" I sighed. 

"What does this mean Justin?" I asked him worried.

Justin was fiddling with his fingers and a bead of sweat had formed on his forehead. Honestly he looked like he was going to pass out. 

"Justin?" I said carefully. 

He looked down at the ground and then started speaking.

"Als-I-really-like-you-and-I-just-can't-do-this-anymore" he stated quickly. 

"Can't do what Justin?" I said tensely. "Are you breaking up with me?" I asked teasingly. 

He took a deep sigh then looked up unsure. "More like asking you out" he mumbled.

My breath hitched in my throat. Justin was asking me out? Really?!? 

A smile made it's way up to my face and I strangled him in a bear hug. 

"Justin sweetie" I started but he cut me off. 

"I know,I know such a stupid thought! But I really like you Als and I needed to ask. You deserve way better Als,I know. You're the most beautiful girl I've ever seen. But I can't help the way you give me butterlfies when I see you. The way your smile lights up my whole world.I can't help it and I was just asking. Try to let me down nicely,Okay?" he breathed out. 

I was shocked and just stared at him my mouth a gape. 

He turned around and started walking away. My senses finally kicked in and I ran after him.

"Justin!!! Justin!!! Wait up!!" I screamed. 

He turned around and stopped. "What? You want to let me down easily like I said?" he questioned. "It's okay Als, you don't have to" he said softly. Calming down a little.

He turned around and started walking away again.

"You're an idiot Bieber!"  I screamed out. "You're all wrong!!"

He turned around and gave me a questioningly look. 

"Justin I really like you as well!" I grinned. 

He came over smiling slightly. He took his hands in mine.

"Really?" he questioned looking quite unsure.

"Yes!" I exclaimed. "And also I was going to say yes to that question of yours!" I winked at him.

His face lit up like a child in a sweet shop. He pulled me into a hug. 

"Thank you Ally!" he exclaimed smiling like a little kid.

I just beamed. 

"I'm a idiot,aren't I?" he questioned looking down at the ground. 

"Yeah you are" I smirked lifting his chin back up.

"But you're my idiot".


That's it!!! Hope you like it Ally!! :)

Sorry for the extremely long wait!!

I was off Movellas for a while! :) 


Areej xx

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