Justin Bieber Imagines

Justin Bieber imagines! :)
Just request one in the comments! :)


1. Introduction!


This is a Justin Bieber Imagine/One shot book!

If you would like an imagine,Comment and Please provide the necessary details:

Name (Obviously)

Hair Colour 

Eye Colour

Height (Optional)

What type e.g Sweet,Cute,Romantic etc... Mind you I do not write dirty stuff! And I think beliebers prefer cute and sweet stuff better  And  also you should not be asking for that anyways

Place/Setting (Optional)

What happens E.g he proposes,Asks you to be his girlfriend? etc.. (Optional)

Your hobbies (Optional)

How long you've known Justin/Gone out for (Optional)


And that's a wrap


Sorry if i'm slow at updating.I know I will be so I'm saying sorry on my behalf from before! Don't be worried if it's late. And please don't spam me with "UPDATE!!!" comments!

It'll come when it'll come! :)

I have a life too you know! I know shocker,Right? :p

Thank you all for the support! It wouldn't hurt to click that Like,Favourite or Fan button,Now would it? ;p


It would be an honour to write a imagine for the future Mrs.Bieber!

Areej xx

Stay beautiful! And don't be  a silent reader! You too can be a part of this story! :) 



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