sweet kind caring (Niall Horan fan fic)

this is before he is famous. A girl named Veronica is new to Woodside high in England. When she meets this kid with blond hair and piercing blue eyes. Will she fall head over heals in love with her. Or will he end up like the other guys she went out with? I hope you guys like this one.


1. Veronica


Its just a normal day..... oh wait, no its not. I should start by introducing myself. My name is Veronica and its my first day in Woodside high. I moved from Austin, Texas. I have beach blond hair and sea green eyes. Im pretty skinny. Not just skin and bones though.    I’m mostly muscle. I’m 17, and I can drive. 


  I was on my way to school, when I saw this boy with blond hair walking out of the house right across the street from me. I wanted to be friendly and make a new friend before I got to school. So I called to him. “Hey, want a ride. If your going to Woodside High.” “Sure....”  Oh god, I just made a bad first impression. I know it. As he was walking over to me. I saw that he was starring at me. He was looking me up and down. When I looked into his eyes, they where a piercing blue. Like a sea. You could get lost in them. I got snapped out of my thoughts when he spoke. “Hello, I didn’t want to yell from across the street, but my name is Niall Horan. You must be new here. Because I have never seen you before.” “Yea I just moved here last week. I don’t know how you missed the big moving truck. By the way my name is Veronica.” I put my hand out for Niall to shake.  But he had something else in mind. He came in for a hug. I love his hugs. Not to mention his accent. “Are you Irish?” I ask him.”I sure am. And let me guess your from America.” He said. “Why yes I am. I’m from Texas.” “Oh really, thats why your so tan. Well we better get going class starts in 30 and you have to get there and find your class.” “Ok, lets go then.” “Is that the school!” I exclaim (I don’t know how big the school is in real life.) “Yes this is the school.” He said calmly. “Sorry, I was home schooled so I have never been in a real school” I said shyly. “Its fine. Now lets go. I have some people you need to meet.” 


Once we got into the school, I couldn’t believe how big it was. It had 3 levels. “Veronica, this way, like I said outside I have some people you have to meet.” When we walked up to this group of people, there were 4 other boys and a girl. “Veronica this is.....” “Let us introduce ourselves.” One with light brown hair said. “Ok, then introduce yourself.”   “Hi, my name is Harry.” The one with curly brown hair said. “I’m Veronica.” I said sweetly. “Hello, I’m Liam.” The one with dirty blond hair said. It almost looked brown. “Hi, I’m Louis!” The one with light brown said almost screamed. Wow this kid is hyper. “Well looks like i’m last. Hello my name is Zayn.” The one with black hair said. “Its nice to meet all of you.” I said with a smile. The one girl in the group was giving me a death stair. “Hi, I’m Veronica. Its nice to meet you.” “Whatever. You think that because you are new here you can come in and steal my boyfriend. I saw you walk in with him all buddy buddy. That doesn’t fly with me. Got it.” With that she walked off. I don’t even know her name. I didn’t know Niall had a girlfriend, let alone a snobby one. I just moved here last week. How was I suppose to know that he had a girlfriend. 



“.... You think you can walk in here and steal my boyfriend. I saw you walk in with him all buddy buddy. That doesn’t fly with me. Got it.” and with that Claire walked off. What the hell was that about. I was just helping her out. She’s new. She can’t help that. “Don’t listen to her. I will talk to her later. Ok?” “Ok, sure, I.... um.... better get to class. Bye.” With that she walked off. “Why the hell does Claire do that to every girl I try to be friends with. Veronica is new. She couldn’t help being new. All I was doing was helping her around the school.” “We know mate. She needs to get over it. Don’t you have first hour with Veronica anyway?” Louis asked me. “I DO! Got to go guys, see you at lunch.” I started to run to class to get a seat next to Veronica. When I got there I was lucky and got to sit next to her. “Ready for the best school experience of your life?” I ask her kinda excitedly. “Sure am.” She said with a big smile on her face. As she said that the bell rang, signaling class to begin.      

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