Over Again *On Hold* ;(

One word describes it all " Revenge" or is it......


11. Sisterly love

Adriana's P. O. V

         I was putting all the things I bought in to my room, I heard someone or someone's running up stairs and yelling. I go to the hall to check who it was it was my sister chasing Niall and it looked like they were coming my way. I run back into my room with them behind me. They were running around the room when my Annabel pins Niall to the ground I thought it was time someone questions what they were doing. 


         " Umm hello Annabel get off him," I pull her off with all my force. Just to put it out there it wasn't easy. "Why are you chasing him for."


         She looked at me then Niall then at me. She was hesitating to reply. " H-he took my Range Rover without asking, that's like my child right there." I knew that she wasn't telling the truth but I let it slide.


        " Really you fighting over that, that's stupid. Anyways weren't you going to go to your office to do what ever you were going to do?"


       " Oh yeah I almost forgot, I got to sign you up for school and get you a job." She was about to walk away when I started screaming. 


       "What no we never talked about me getting a job, I just came here to finish my study and be closer to you." Well didn't that grab everyone's attention.


         She started walking up to me and that's when I knew she was serious just by the look on her face." Oh so you thought you can come here study and then relax at home while I'm busting my ass off no. Now if you you excuse me I have Zayn waiting for me in the office." She left the room leaving me with a questionable look on my face but I shook it off and turned to the three boys behind me.


       "Well isn't she lovely," I mumbled to my self. Well at least her leaving will give me a chance to talk to Niall about what really happened. "Hey Niall why was my sister really chasing you, and I know it wasn't about the car because she would have told you something once she got home. Don't you dare lie to me either."  


       "We'll um I told her that I ugh kinda have a crush on you." By now he was sweating a little and scratching his neck. All I could do was hug him, hoping he would hug back and with my luck he did. I pull apart from the hug and notice that we were the only two in the room." So does that mean you feel the same way a little." 


        "Yes but, I think we should just become friends first, get to know each other then see where it goes from there okay." I just couldn't help smiling.


       "Sounds perfect to me but I have to ask you something though."  


       " Well ask away" By now my heart started coming out of my chest.  


        "So you see there's the Brit awards coming up and I was wondering if you would like to go with me as my date."  


       "It would be an honor to go with you Niall." I looked down and I just realized that we were holding hands. Well I guess we both did because we started laughing. 


         " Hey Niall were leaving its getting late. Wait did I interrupt something here?" We let go and just acted like we didn't do anything.   


       " Thanks Louis nice to know I can count on you," Louis closed the door and then we stood there awkwardly until Niall spoke up." So I guess I have to go now I'll see you around." He kissed me cheek and left. Wow don't I feel like an idiot just standing in the middle of my room after being kissed by Niall Horan on the cheek of course. I go down stairs to my sisters office finding her on the phone.


  ~Annabel's Phone Conversation~  


       " Look mom I am capable of taking care of her and my self. I have taken care of my self since I left, look where I am now."


         " Annabel that's exactly what I don't want, I don't want her to be like you going from country to country taking pictures for magazines making a living off it, dating these famous boys that are full of it and forgetting her family." 


     " You think I forgot about my family mom!!! I didn't okay I was always there for Adrianna I have gave her everything I possibly could. And yes I model so what it's what I love to do and I never said she was going to do that. Lastly just because I'm dating a guy who's famous it doesn't mean he's full of it okay I think it's best if you keep your mouth shut."


      " Fine but once she sees that you don't have time for her she'll come home to us in the states. Maybe even be the next movie directors like her mum and dad. Well I got to go it was a pleasure talking to you. We shall speak some other time okay, bye. "


  ~ End Of Conversation~  


       I knock on the door to make sure it was okay to come in. When I walk in she was in her desk with her head in her hands. I go next to her and hug her. This is times I realize that she's more then a sister to me she's like mom. Always wanting what's best for me, giving me everything she possibly could but mostly the love I never got from my parents. They think buying me one expensive thing makes up for everything they missed out. 


        "Are you okay? You know every thing she said isn't true." She looks up from her hands and looks at me.  


        " You heard everything didn't you."


      " We'll yeah you speaker is pretty loud and with the door open a bit it's hard to ignore." We laughed at the comment I made. We stayed there catching up on our life. I told her about school, boys, mom and dads career interfering with my life, our brother, but mostly how I missed her and how lonely I was with out her. We make our way to each others bedroom since she has work tomorrow. I go to my room and lay there in my bed with the mess of furniture all over the place and think. I think about how my life will have a fresh new start, and then of Niall. Now how am I going to tell Annabel that I'm going with Niall to the Brits. 

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