Curse Beauty

Jade is finally 16 and she finally gets to go out and hunt. Blood bags are no use anymore. On he first night of hunting she feeds on a guy that she would had never known that would be the guy she would fall in love with. Louis Tomlinson would be the only guy that would take her breath away. But the rules extretly say that no vampire can be with a human. Jade has to decide whether to turn louis into one of her own kind or let the love of her life go.


1. chapter 1

"Ok For now on you would have to hunt. Blood bags would not help you anymore" my mother said to me 

My name is jade to normal people I would be 15 well my birthday is today so I would be 16 but to people in my world would know I'm 666. Yeah the devils number. For people becoming 16 is a magical date. For us our magical day is when your 666 birthday comes. I have dirty blonf hair. I'm 5'9 and I kind of have a body not much to tho. 

For now on I would have to hunt in real humans. Not just blood bags. And the pills won't control my hunger anymore. 

Everything is amazing i mean eternal life beauty strenght everything you can go on in life without worrying if this would be my last day alive. The sad thing for us is that after our "16" we cant get to attach to somebody or make real friends. Because they would soon die or they would notice how we dont aged. Of course thats only for purebloods like me. Well my whole family theres only like 5 other families of our kind the rest that are like us are 'Make'. 

With us we can decide wheter to stay like this or aged. 3/5 familes choosed to stay that same age the others wanted to have friends and live happily ever after with somebody normal so they thought ageing wasnt such a big deal. Us the pureblood have an opnion now that i think about we can either have friends and not mentain our beauty or stay the same and live a lonely life if  you cant find someone else like you that you actually love. Before we use to have arrange marriges because of that fear of being alone but not anymore we totally change that crap.

If you really are that stupid and you havent figure out what i am first you need some help , and good luck with your studies and ill pray to god if theres one to give you some more brain cells.                     Well ill tell ypu excatly what i am. Im a vampire yeah we actually exist. Is not just a myth.We just want you to think that so you wont come and kill us like they use too do when they knew about our existens.

I cant say were peaceful creatures and we dont harm anybody because thats a total lie. We kill humans for survival.

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