Ash is those one of those teenagers that is free spirited. She lets nothing get in her way. She is one of those strong and independent girls, who has a heart that cares for her friends and family. But one summer changes everything. But what?

Copyright 2013


5. Ash

  Ash's POV

     I walked off,, and came back 2 seconds later with a baseball bat. " If you don't tell me who you are then, I think you know whats gonna happen to you..." I said picking up my baseball bat. All three of them put up their hands. The guy with the dark black hair said "Uh, I am Zayn and these two are my friends, Louis and Niall."

     The guy with the blonde hair who is apparently Niall said " Wait, what are you guys doing here? This is the beach house that we are staying at for the summer."

     Janelle chuckled and replied " NO way this is our beach house, my uncle Jake us stay here for the summer."

     Sammy backed her up and said " Yeh."in a very quirky way. I turned around and gave him a 'WTF?', face.

     " Wait the guy named Jake is your uncle looking confused, pointing at Janelle.

      " Yeah, why do you ask?" I replied dropping the bat down.

     And as usual Sammy is just backing me up going " Yeah, Why?"

     The guy named Zayn just started to look annoyed.

     " Because idiot, he was the one that said that we can stay at the beach house for the WHOLE summer." Zayn said, looking directly at Sammy. I swear, I thought that they were about to have a punch up or something.

     Janelle said looking surprised " guy with dark brown hair say what?, If there were three guys staying with us in one beach house, then I'm sure my Uncle would have said something.You know what I'll text him now."

     I said " Dude, just call the man. Too much effort texting."

     Janelle took out her phone from her pocket. And dialled his number. As the phone was ringing Naill said " I'm hungry."

     I looked at him and said " Dude, I just saw you with a bag of chips in the car."

     " You were looking at us?" Louis said.

     " Oh no, I heard your car park in the front. I though it was an ice cream truck." I said with a sad face.

     Everyone was just looking at me with a weird and confused look. Janelle put the phone on loud speaker.


Hey, Uncle Jake its Janelle. 

Oh hey Janelle. How are you? Are you having fun at the beach house?

Um  not exactly. Three random guys said  that you said  that they can stay at the beach house for the summer?

Oh, right yeah. I guess I forgot to tell you that.

 How can you forget to tell me that Uncle Jake? Theres like three strangers  at  the  door saying that this is their beach house. Ash nearly hit them with a freaking baseball bat.

Hey well, at least on the bright side their cute?

     I just bursted out laughing. I was laughing so hard I almost fell on the floor.

Hey, Janelle is that you?

No, thats me  sir, Ash.

Wait the boys are the ones that are named, Zayn Niall and Louis, right?

Yeah that right sir.

But I thought you'd find them hot or something?

     I bursted out laughing again. And the three of the guys just stared at me like I was crazy or something.

     "Oh I'm sorry. Its just.. Eh?" I gave them a shrug.

     " Oh don't worry, your 'eh?' too." Zayn said with a cheeky smirk.

Anyway have fun bye.

      I started picking up my bat and aiming for Zayn. But then I put it back down again.

     " Okay then, I guess we will have to stay at the beach house together." Janelle said.

     " Wait, what? Your gonna let them stay here? How could you?" Sammy said very childishly.

     " I'm not gonna stay in the same house as him!" I said pointing at Zayn.

      " I am so not gonna stay in theh same house as that crazy chick." Zayn said pointing at me.

      Louis got really frustrated and said " Now, if we all just be nice to each other, then I'm sure that we will be able to get through the summer."

     " Oh, right  by the way my name is Janelle and my two best friends are Ash and Sammy" Janelle said.

     While I was eyeing Zayn and Zayn was eyeing me. Niall, Louis and Janelle were just smiling. While Sammy just stood there with no expression on his face.                       


Hey guys its Ash. I wrote this whole chapter by myself. And the next day I asked janelle if she liked it or not and she said it was funny, so yeah. Please leave a comment on it as to if you like it or not. :) Its only me here now cause Janelle is somewhere else and I'm at home.

- Ash ;) and Nelle :) Xx







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