Gangs Leader's Princess (Gang/Punk/ Harry Styles Love Story)

Story written by my friend and I. Slow updates due to different time zones.

Spencer Gray is a 17 year old girl. She is the popular girl at school and is dating Harry Styles the popular boy. Harry is 18 years of age and loves Spencer so much.

Harry Styles is also in a gang with his other 10 best friends from school. Which is the popular group. Harry protects Spencer from anyone and anything. But when a new boy comes into a school. Will he be a threat? Read more and find out


3. There Are Worse Things In Life

We were sitting at the cafeteria table as it was lunch. A girl walked up talking about how mean her parents are. I hate it when they talk about their parents badly. They are lucky to have parents that love them. Unlike my dad. 

Harry looked at me, "You okay?" Harry asked.

I looked at Harry, "Yeah" I said.

Buck (The new boy) walked up, he was about to stop when. Harry got mad and shouted "Keep walking.

Buck smiled and sat down on his own. I rested my head on Harry's chest. Harry rubbed my back. 


After a long day of boring school. Harry drove off to his place. Where we walked in and changed for the night.

I wore this:

At 7, Harry and I left to get to the spot where we hang out. With the boys and girls. We got there and saw them waiting in the tunnel for us. We are also right next to the skate park. Its where we go. Once we where there. We did tricks on our boards. Buck came down. He went in my way. I missed him. But he flipped my board up which made me fall. "You should learn to skate" Buck laughed.

Harry got mad, "Get off our turf Buck. You are not welcome here. You should read the skaters handbook before you come skating here" Harry said helping me up. "You okay love?" Harry asked.

I nodded.

Harry looked at my arm. "So no love making tonight?" Harry asked.

I looked at Harry, "Sorry" I said.

Harry pecked my lips. "Its fine tomorrow night yeah" Harry said.

I nodded. Buck looked at us, "Aren't you two cute. Which makes me sick" Buck laughed.

Harry got mad. "Leave now you are not apart of our gang and this is our turf  Harry shouted.

Buck smiled. "Fight me for it" Buck said.

I knew Harry wanted to. I pushed Harry back. "Stop okay you remember the last fight that happened here" I said.

Harry nodded and hugged me. We pulled away. "I am not fighting you for it because we have been here long before you have. So you can get lost. I don't want to see you here ever" Harry shouted.

Buck laughed. "Chicken or are you scared Spencer will get hurt?" Buck asked.

Okay that made me mad. I turned and punched Buck. Which made him stumble back. "You shut up" I said.

We heard sirens. "Go" Harry said.

We ran off and left on our skateboards. Buck got caught by the police. Sucker. We got back to the tunnel and sat down. Harry gave me a cigarette. I smiled and grabbed it. I grabbed his lighter.

"Oi" Harry laughed.

I smiled and lit mine up first. Harry grabbed it and light his up. The girls from school walked through. 

"What are you doing out so late girls" Louis asked.

"Talking about how horrible my parents are. They won't let me go to this concert" Tiffany said.

I groaned. "Would you girls shut up" I shouted.

Tiffany looked at me. "Why?" Tiffany asked.

I rolled my eyes. "Your lucky to have parents who care for you, if you hate your parents show them they can trust you. God sake" I shouted and skated off.

Harry's POV

Tiffany looked at me, "Your girlfriend is a bitch Harold" Tiffany said.

I got mad. "What did you just call me and say about my girlfriend?" I asked standing up.

"Ah Tiffany you just called him Harold" Melissa said.

"My girlfriend is not a bitch. She is telling you something. There are people far worse off than you. Not everything is about you" I said.

Spencer screamed. I turned and grabbed my skateboard then others followed. I followed the screams. Spencer's dad was beating her up. I got mad and pushed him off Spencer. Spencer coughed. I looked at Spencer and kneeled down.

"Are you okay?" I asked concerned.

Spencer coughed. Melissa and Tiffany walked up. "Louis take Spencer to my house go" I said. Louis nodded and did what I said. I faced Spencer's dad.

"I told you to leave her the hell alone. I told you that if you abused her again I would hurt you more" I shouted.

Spencer's dad got scared.

"Leave before I kill you" I shouted. 

Spencer's dad smiled, "I will kill her and you and your petty little friends" he said.

I got mad, "Leave" I yelled. My voice echoing through the night.

Spencer's dad ran off. "Come on guys we have to go" I said. The others nodded. I grabbed Spencer's skateboard.

I faced Tiffany. "I hope this shows you what my girlfriend said to you" I said and skated off with the others. we got to my house. I walked in and to my room. I walked in and saw Spencer asleep. "Is she okay?" I asked.

Louis looked at me and made me walk over. "What?" I asked. Louis lifted Spencer's top. She was cut by a knife. Her dad. "He is so dead" I shouted and punched the wall. The wall broke. Everyone jumped in fright. I took my hand out of the wall and looked at everyone. I walked over to my bed and sat down and sighed. 

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