Gangs Leader's Princess (Gang/Punk/ Harry Styles Love Story)

Story written by my friend and I. Slow updates due to different time zones.

Spencer Gray is a 17 year old girl. She is the popular girl at school and is dating Harry Styles the popular boy. Harry is 18 years of age and loves Spencer so much.

Harry Styles is also in a gang with his other 10 best friends from school. Which is the popular group. Harry protects Spencer from anyone and anything. But when a new boy comes into a school. Will he be a threat? Read more and find out


17. The Real Liam Payne

*Malena’s P.O.V* (YAY!!)

I waved good-bye to Spencer and Harry as they made their way to the park for an evening stroll. Closing the door shut, I make my way back in the apartment and into my room. My room isn’t one of those with the cute little banners hanging from the ceiling nor did they have posters of celebrity’s or famous people of any kind. Instead I filled the side by my bed with pictures, pictures of my old friends and good neighbors, and small knick knacks which had special meaning to me. The walls are all painted white and a small cabinet contains my favorite books in the world, so yes, I love to read, quite a lot.

I lay in bed, legs spread out and place my hands behind my head. Beginning to daydream about Liam, without being aware of doing it, I smile. We’ve been going out for about two months and I’ve loved each and every second of it. Liam’s funny, nice, caring, generous, and the plus side to it all is he has his bad boy side, just like me. We’ve told everything to each other…….well…..almost everything. He’s only known major things about me, like my dad being in jail and mom being an alcoholic, but that’s about it. Me on the other hand, I don’t know much about his past and lately it’s been making way into my thoughts. Before I even came here to Britain, Spencer told me that Liam was one of those guys that you would get drunk with and whatnot, but when asked about his past, he would keep quieter than a sleeping baby, and honestly, that frightened me a bit.

I exhaled deeply as I rolled over on my side and curled up in bed.


I groan, stretching my arms in front of me for support as I slowly got up and walked out of my room and into the living room where my iPhone was laying on the coffee table. I swiped the answer button once I saw it was Liam.

“Hey babe” he said nonchalantly.

I frowned, Liam seemed lifeless as he greeted me but I tried to rub that off as I tried to steer us off into a lively conversation.
“Hey! So what’s up? Why’d you call?” I asked.

I could hear him sigh, “Liam, what’s wrong?” I asked again, hoping he would actually reply this time.

“Uhmm… well…I…..” I heard him sigh again “Erm…is Spencer there with you?”

“Spencer? Oh, no, she left a few minutes ago with Harry. They went out to the park for a stroll. Why?”

“Really? Okay, good. Babe, I’ll be over in a few…… that okay?”

I could sense he seemed nervous, even from the other side of the line, or I’ve just gotten to know him more than the others that I can already tell when he’s frightened.

“Um. Yeah sure Liam, just ring the bell twice and I’ll let you in.”

“Thanks. Allright…….see you then…….I love you…so much”

I could hear a small tone of whimpering at the end of his sentence and I bit my bottom lip, sensing a weird feeling in my gut.
“Liam, I love you too.” I sighed and hung up on him.

I began to worry as I walked to the kitchen to heat up some left over pizza from earlier this afternoon. As the seconds beeped away, my worrying began to increase to the rhythm of it.

What was wrong with Liam? Why did he ask if Spencer was here or not? Why? Why? Why?

My thoughts were sent to a halt as the doorbell rang twice. Liam was here.

I ran up quickly to the front door and opened it, exposing a clearly tired and droopy Liam Payne. I bit my lip and hugged him, he hugged me back harder whispering the words ‘I don’t want to lose you Lena, I really don’t’.

Still hugging him, I looked up and smiled, “Me either Liam, I don’t want to lose you either. But what’s wrong babe? What’s the hurry?”

We let go and the microwave began to beep. Quickly, I ran back to the kitchen and placed the pizza slices on paper plates, bringing them both back to the living room.

“Liam?” I called out when I saw he wasn’t in the living room.

“Over here”

Finally finding him in my room, I set the plates on the top of my cabinet and place my rear end next to him on my bed. He wraps his arms around me and I lean in towards his chest as he hugs me tighter. My hands make way towards his cheek and I gently pinch them before kissing him.

Out of nowhere I blurt out, “Liam…you’ve told me everything there is to you right?”

His grasp on me is released as he swallows hard looking down at me.

“You have haven’t you?” I ask again.

He hesitates, “That’s kind of the reason I came here….sort of.”

I cup Liam’s cheeks on each of my hands and raise his head up to mine, causing us to make eye contact. Gently, I kiss him and he stay still.
I let go quickly, worried even more as to why all of a sudden he was so tense.

“Liam, we’ve been going out for a whole 2 months, and we’ve known each other for 4. Please just tell me….trust me…please.” I whined at the end, almost on the verge of tears.

“Malena, I just…….ugh….where do I start?”

“Where do you start?? Liam, I thought I already though I knew everything about you!!!”

“Malena, you do, you really do….just not all of it…”

“Fine. Tell me all of it. Go ahead Liam. Tell it ALL.”

“Ugh. Fine. I’m adopted. I lost my parents in a car accident at the age of 5, I live with foster parents who aren’t really the lovey dovey parents they should have been to me. Do you know how hard it has been for me? I’ve wept and sobbed and for a short time in my younger life, I wanted to run away and look for my parents, but you know, they weren’t alive, they weren’t there when I first started school, or the time when I graduated from middle school, or I won an award or made my first goal when I was on the soccer team. None of them were there, they were both killed, dead and gone forever.”

I convulsed in tears as I leaned in to hug Liam, but he refused my affection and I just sat there blankly with tears in my eyes.

“And every fucking day I wake up thinking of how different my life could have been if my parents were still alive. Today it’s 12 years since that has happened and every single person I’ve meet has left me one way or another, and the only friends I have are the members of Midnight Crushers, and thanks to them I had the opportunity to meet you Malena, and I don’t . want. to. lose you. I love you Malena Levine…..and I don’t want to lose you.”

And for the first time ever, I saw my boyfriend, Liam Payne cry.

And I didn’t know what to do but hug him, hug him tightly until I couldn’t hold on any longer. I leaned in to kiss him once more but he collapsed on top of me, surprising me a tad bit. And I held his head on my shoulders, caressing his head and kissing his cheek continuously as he cried his soul out to me.

“L….Li…..Liam…” I stuttered.

Without raising his head up from my shoulders, he managed to say ‘what’.

“D….does anyone…else..know this?” I ask, nestling my on head on his shoulders so that now we are resting on each other.

I hear him sigh. “No….no one knows…this…and nobody will….they all think that my foster parents….are my real parents….but I don’t want them to know….I DON’T.”

“But Liam? You even said it, we’re your friends. You need to trust us....just like you trusted me—“

“But you’re my girlfriend, and I love you.”

I sniffle. “Well yeah…I know…but why don’t you want them to know that?? Not even Zayn?? He’s your favorite one…not even him?!?!”

Seriousness in his tone Liam started talking “No…not even him. I don’t want people to feel bad for me. I don’t want them to feel pity or look at me in a different way than they see me now. They see a strong, tough guy, and I want to keep it that way. Okay? I don’t want them to treat me differently than they do now. So please Lena, I’m begging you, keep this just between us two?”

We unhooked from our chain of affection and looked at each other right in the eyes. His caramel brown eyes, glistening under my bedroom lights, showing signs of heavy tearing. Then there were my shiny green eyes staring back at him, full of a whole different perspective of a boy I thought I knew all about.

“It’ll be our little secret, please Malena….” He pleaded.

I held on tighter to his hands.

“What secret?” I chuckled slightly, trying to bring in some joy into the situation. He smiled for the first time today and I couldn’t help but do the same.

“That’s why I love you.” He replied hugging me real tight.

“I-----I----I can’t breathe” I gasped for air, exaggerating quite a bit as Liam laid completely on my bed. I crawled towards him and tugged at the covers, wrapping us in each other’s eternal love.

Now I finally knew the real Liam Payne.

And I, didn’t want to lose HIM.

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