Gangs Leader's Princess (Gang/Punk/ Harry Styles Love Story)

Story written by my friend and I. Slow updates due to different time zones.

Spencer Gray is a 17 year old girl. She is the popular girl at school and is dating Harry Styles the popular boy. Harry is 18 years of age and loves Spencer so much.

Harry Styles is also in a gang with his other 10 best friends from school. Which is the popular group. Harry protects Spencer from anyone and anything. But when a new boy comes into a school. Will he be a threat? Read more and find out


14. Telling The Gang

**This chapter is only going on the top of my head of what I can remember what Jay-Jay and I talked about. Hope you like it**

Spencer's POV

I was back in Manchester. Once I got to the apartment I was living at. I opened the door. Malena screamed and hugged me. I smiled and hugged back.

"I've missed you" Malena said.

I smiled. "Same."

We pulled back.

"What where you going to tell me you couldn't over the phone?" Malena asked.

I couldn't help but smile. "I'm pregnant."

Malena smiled and hugged me again. "That's great news."

Harry was smiling.


The next day Malena and I got to school. Everyone saw me. They ran and hugged me.

"We are so glad your back" Niall said.

I nodded and smiled. Harry sneaked his arms around my waist.

"Just needed sometime alone" I said and rested my head on his chest.

Harry smiled and kissed my neck. "Now your back and I couldn't be happier."

I smiled. Liam and Malena smiled at each other. 

"Maybe innocent guy can fall in love" Harry whispered.

I nodded and laughed. Buck came over.

"So I hear your pregnant. Harry does know its mine right" Buck smiled.

"Its not yours. I know its not because I am 8 weeks along and you raped me when I was 3 weeks in and well I didn't know. So its Harry's" I snap.

Everyone was confused but Harry. Harry was just mad at Buck's comment.

Harry chuckled. "Spencer's pregnant."

Everyone screamed and hugged me. I laughed.

"Alright. Alright"

They pulled away.

"We will see who's baby it is" Buck said and walked off.

I gulped. What if it is Buck's? I am screwed. I am keeping faith that's its Harry. Harry held me close.

"He isn't hurting you"

I smiled. "Thank you."

"No problem love" Harry whispered.

**Atlanta here. Comment what you think below. And comment who you think the father of the baby should be? Harry or Buck. Its up to you to tell us who you want. So please comment and tell us. Or privet message us. Please keep strong we will update whenever we can. Living in different time zones is hard. Very hard. Thanks for the reads, comments and favourites. We really appreciate it. Thank you all**

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