Gangs Leader's Princess (Gang/Punk/ Harry Styles Love Story)

Story written by my friend and I. Slow updates due to different time zones.

Spencer Gray is a 17 year old girl. She is the popular girl at school and is dating Harry Styles the popular boy. Harry is 18 years of age and loves Spencer so much.

Harry Styles is also in a gang with his other 10 best friends from school. Which is the popular group. Harry protects Spencer from anyone and anything. But when a new boy comes into a school. Will he be a threat? Read more and find out


12. I Love You

Spencer's POV

Its been two weeks since I went to my mothers sisters place. I felt sick. I go to a school called 'Waterloo Road.' Made some amazing friends. Once the lump in my throat got bigger. I ran to the bathroom and threw up in the sink.

"Spence you okay?" Aunty Vanessa asked.

"Yeah" I said throwing up again.

Once I finished throwing up. I headed towards my room and looked at the calender.

"No" I shouted.

Vanessa walked in. "What?"

"I'm late" I said getting worried.

"For?" Vanessa asked.

"I'm 3 days late for my period" I said.

Vanessa looked at me.

"Are you pregnant?" She asked.

"I could be" I said.

"Shoot I need to get you to school. If you feel sick call me and I'll pick you up" Vanessa said.

I nodded. I walked into the bathroom. Had a quick shower and got dressed for school. Once I walked out.  I grabbed my school bag and headed towards Vanessa's car with her. we got in and she drove me to school. Once there. Vanessa grabbed my hand.

"Call Harry tonight" Vanessa said.

"I will" I said.

Vanessa nodded. I got out of the car and walked into the school. Cloe, Suzan, Maxine and Dante walked up. The girls and I hugged.

"You got a new tattoo?" Cloe said pointing it out.

I nodded.

"You okay you don't look well?" Dante asked.

"I'm fine" I said smiling.

The bell rang.

"Lets get to class" Suzan said.

We nodded and walked off. Cloe's Step dad is our English teacher. Once we got to class. We walked in and sat down. I held my stomach. What the hell is wrong? I didn't know what was going on.

"Psst Spence" Cloe said.

I turned and saw Cloe handing me a pregnancy test. I grabbed it and put it in my bag.

"Check love" Cloe said.

I smiled, "Thanks and I will at lunch."

Cloe smiled. Mr Clarkson walked in.

"Morning class" Mr Clarkson said.

"Morning sir" We all said.

I banged my hand on the table as pain shot through my stomach.

"Spencer" Cloe said

I shook my head and took a massive breath.

"Cloe take Spencer out" Mr Clarkson said.

Cloe nodded and helped me up. She grabbed my bag. I groaned in pain. Once out of the classroom. We walked to the un used bathroom.

"Use it" Cloe said.

I nodded and walked into the bathroom. Once I used the test. I had to wait. My eyes widened 2 minutes later. It came up positive. I punched the cubical wall.

"Spencer" Cloe said.

I walked out.

"Are you?" Cloe asked.

I nodded and burst into tears. If its anyone's its Harry's. Cloe dropped everything and hugged me. I put my arms around her and cried.

"This is great why are you upset?" Cloe asked.

"It will be Harry's. I haven't got the money to raise a child. Not anymore" I cried.

We pulled back.

"You know we will help you out" Cloe said.

I nodded and wiped my own tears away.

"Are you going to tell him?" Cloe asked.

"I have to. I can't keep another secret from him" I said.

Cloe nodded. Yes they know. Mrs Mason walked in.

"Get into class you two" Mrs Mason snapped.

I grabbed my bag. "Shit" I said and placed the test in my bag.

Cloe and I walked out of the bathroom and headed back to class. Once we walked in. We sat back down and did our work.


We were sitting at our table. I grabbed my phone out and took a massive breath and looked at Harry's name. I clicked onto his. I dialed  It took 2 minutes. I heard someone pick up.


"Hello" Harry said.
"Harry" I said standing up and walking off.
"Spencer where are you I am worried about you?" Harry asked.
"Waterloo. I have something to tell you" I said leaning on the school gate.
"What?" Harry asked.
"I can't say it over the phone. Meet me at Waterloo coffee shop. 1 pm today its when I finish school" I said.
"Okay love. I will. I miss you" Harry said.
"Miss you too" I said.
"Also I wanted to apologize Spencer. Buck told us what he said. I felt guilty as shit. I shouldn't have snapped at you" Harry said.
"I should be the one being sorry" I said.
"Can I give yo a big hug when I see you?" Harry asked.
"Anything you want. I have to go" I said.
"Okay love see you there" Harry said.
"Bye" I said.
"Bye babe" Harry said.

I smiled and hung up. I missed him saying babe to me. I walked up to the others.

"Did you tell him?" Cloe asked.

"We are meeting tonight" I said.

Cloe nodded.


I was waiting at the cafe for Harry. When I was about to leave. I saw Harry's brown curls walk through. Harry's face meet mine. We both smiled. Harry ran and hugged me. I smiled.

"I have missed you so much" Harry said.

"You too" I said.

We sat down. 

"What did you want to tell me?" Harry asked.

"I'm pregnant" I whispered.

Harry smiled. "Are you sure?" Harry asked.

I showed him the pregnancy test. A massive smile appeared on his face.

"I'm going to be a dad" Harry said.

I nodded. Harry looked at my face.

"Babe whats wrong?" Harry asked.

I looked at him. "I haven't got the money Harry. Nor do you. I want this child I really do" I said.

Harry sighed. "We will find the money okay love" Harry said.

I nodded. We stood up. Harry hugged me again. He looked at me and pressed his lips onto mine. My lips moved with his. Man I missed his warm lips. We pulled back and smiled. 

"Waterloo road eh" Harry said looking at the logo.

I nodded. "Yup" I said.

Harry grabbed my hands.

"A new tattoo babe" Harry said.

I nodded. Harry smiled and kissed it. I packed everything up.

"We should go" I said.

"Where to?" Harry asked.

"I am going to my friends want to come?" I asked.

Harry nodded. "I want to be anywhere with you babe" Harry said.

I smiled. Harry and I walked to Cloe's, Craig Kelly looked at me.

"Whos that?" Harry asked.

"A guy from school" I said.

Harry nodded. I knocked on Cloe's door. Mr Clarkson answered. 

"She is in her room" Mr Clarkson said.

I nodded.

"Oh Thomas my boyfriend Harry. Harry my favourite teacher of all time Thomas" I said.

Thomas and Harry shook hands. We walked in. Once we got to Cloe's room. I knocked. Cloe answered.

"Did you tell him?" Cloe asked.

I nodded. "He's right there" I said pointing at him.

Harry smiled. "Harry" Harry said.

"Cloe" Cloe said holding her hand out.

Harry and Cloe shook hands. We walked into her room and started to took.


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