One Way Ticket to One Direction

A girl named Lily and her 4 friends go off on an adventure when her mom gets tickets to a One Direction concert. A surprise awaits for them behind a metal door full of drama, adventure, and romance. What can they expect this summer? Copyright Shyviolin. Please no duplicating.


20. Leave me alone Harry!

   ~Harry's Pov~
      I slowly get up and see Louis at my side still sleeping. "Louis its already 10 o'clock." I tug at him as I change my clothes. "I don't want to wake up!" Louis throws a pillow at me as he gets up, "Aren't the girls asleep?" "I heard them earlier when I woke up before I slept again." I walk out and see all the girls on the couch and floor watching talking.
      "Morning girls." I walk towards the kitchen and grab some tea. "Hey Harry, did you guys just wake up?" Cat looks over at me. "Yeah we were tired." I walk over to the table and face the girls. Louis joins me at my side as we watch the girls whisper to each other and giggle. I kept looking at Cat whenever she didn't look back at me. She so beautiful, I can't take my eyes off her.
      "I thought you would be the first to get with one of the girls out of all of the boys." Louis looks over at me. "Cat is a type of girl that is serious with a relationship. She told me off when we were in L.A." I look down at my thumbs fiddle with each other, "Cat is just the different girl that wants to be loved and not be heart broken." Louis pats my shoulder as he gets up to join the girls. I love her and care for her but I guess its not enough. Does she even have feelings for me?
      I walk over to the girls and Louis as they went on talking. "Hey Cat." I smile at her as I joined her side. She scoots a bit away from me as I looked at her. "You okay?" I lightly touch her shoulder as she flinched. Lily stared at me as she touched the back of her leg. What was she doing? She then pointed to Cat's leg. I look down at her leg and see bandages going down to her ankle. "Cat, where did you get you get those cuts?" I lightly touch her chin leveling her face to mines. "I-It's nothing." she gets up and walks to the porch. I look over at Lily as she shrugs her shoulders.

  ~Louis' Pov~
     After a while of talking with the girls I decided to watch TV. "No!" Lily slaps the remote out of my hand. "What was that for?" I held my hand against my chest. "No TV." "Why? This is my flat." she looks at the girls and back to me. "Eerrr... Because of a reason we can't say.” "Give me the remote." I stare into her big brown eyes. "No!" she runs towards the kitchen and hides behind the table.
     "Louis, you know we can turn the TV on without the remote right?" Harry looks up at me chuckling. "I knew that." I roll my eyes and walk towards the TV. "No!" Lily jumps on top of me making me fall to the floor. "Ow! Lily!" "I said no TV!" she looks down at me. I stretch my hand out to the TV and push the power button. Lily quickly turns it off and sits on my back. "TV!" Harry grabs Lily off me as I reach for the button. I look back and see Harry being attack by Ruby and Lily. Kalel grabs my feet pulling me away as the TV turns on. "No!" all the girls yell.
     "This morning, the girlfriend of Niall Horan went out to perform with her friends..." I look back at them as they stare at me looking pale, "Someone sent us a video of them singing and playing at a near by park." They show a video of the girls singing and at the end they all ran off. "A bit of stage fright they have." the lady laughs as she goes on talking about something else.
     "You girls left this morning?" I look towards Lily. "Yes, we were bored and we didn't think this was going to happen." "I'm surprised the paparazzi and the others didn't follow you girls back here." "Someone helped us get away from paparazzi." Kalel says taking her phone out. "Who?" "I don't know just some guy." "Well, you have to tell us next time at least because Tanya could be out there." I look at the girls as they nod.
     The other boys later came in and joined us on the floor. "You guys slept in really late." I pat the floor signaling them to sit. "We were up since like 8." Niall says walking into the kitchen. "We thought everyone was asleep until we heard noises from here." Zayn looks at us suspiciously. I gave a little smile to Harry and the girls as they did the same.

  ~Cat's Pov~
     Sometimes I don't need people to care for me. I'm old enough to take care of myself and Harry shouldn't care for me anyways. I don't know. Does he even have feeling for me? Whatever, it's not like I like him back. "Hey Cat, can I talk to you?" I look up and see Harry. "I guess." I follow behind him out to the porch.
     "Cat, I worry for you a lot and I don't think I ever cared for any girl as much as I do for you." he looks up at my eyes. "Harry," I take a deep breath, "I'll be honest. I think you say this to every girl your with like Taylor, celebrities, and fans." "But your different to me Cat and I don't want to lose you." Harry grabs my waist and pulls me close to him brushing his lips on mine. "I have to go." I push away and walk inside.
      I can't believe he just did that! I thought we were just friends. "Cat wait." Harry grabs my wrist pulling me towards him. "I thought we were friends!" I snap at him as I run to the room. "Cat please." I lean against the door and fall to the floor holding my knees up to my chest. "Please what? Please you want to kiss me?!" "I'm sorry, I couldn't control myself." I can hear him say on the other side of the door next to me. "Just leave me alone Harry!" I yell hitting the door. I hear him sigh as he walks away.
      "Cat, open up." I hear Louis knock on the door. "Harry is telling you to tell me to open up so no." "Harry left a couple minutes ago." I open the door and plop on the bed. "I don't know what's going on with you and Harry, but I'll just leave you with this. Harry really cares about you and I'm being honest." "Everyone tells me that, but I don't think it's true unless he shows it the right way instead of flirting and just getting straight to the point." Louis looks down at me and leaves. I wish Harry could just accept that I don't want to be with him.

   ~Niall's Pov~
      "Where did everyone go?" I say out loud looking around. "Everyone went to your flat to do something except for Harry and Cat." I look down at the couch and see Lily laying down. "Why didn't you go?" "Just to plan a little revenge." she says getting up walking towards the kitchen. "On who?" "Think for a second and you might figure it out." Lily says getting out a plate and whip cream. "Oohhh." "Yeah." she begins to walk out.
       We enter in my flat and see everyone in a somewhat circle singing. "You decided to come after all Lily?" Kalel looks up at her. "Yeah, sure." she says walking behind Katie pulling out the plate from behind her back. Everyone looks up and starts chuckling. "What are you guys lau..." Lily slams the plate over Katie's head as everyone burst out laughing. "Lily!" Katie yells at her. "We're even now!" "Ugh..." Katie walks over to the restroom.
       I walk over to Vip and join her side. "Hey Niall." she smiles looking at me. "Hello love." I say giving her a quick peck on the cheek. She giggles looking away from me.
       I pull her outside with me on the porch "I love when you giggle because your eyes sparkle." I whisper to her. "I love it when you laugh because you make me smile when I have my downs." she looks up at me as her eyes sparkle. "I love you Viper." I say pulling her close to me as our lips touch.

A/N: Is anyone liking it??? No one talks to me! D: I'll post ASAP

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