One Way Ticket to One Direction

A girl named Lily and her 4 friends go off on an adventure when her mom gets tickets to a One Direction concert. A surprise awaits for them behind a metal door full of drama, adventure, and romance. What can they expect this summer? Copyright Shyviolin. Please no duplicating.


33. Lawson vs Hunter

   ~Katie's Pov~
 I wake up to the sound of thuds next door. Lewis. I turn around and find a silhouette figure next to me in bed. I take a closer look at the figure and see...Liam?

 I laid there quietly looking at Liam sleeping. How in the world did I not here him come in first of all? Second, why am I still in bed? I quickly, but quietly get out of bed trying to not wake Liam up.

"Morning Lawson." I look towards the kitchen to find Lily sitting on a stool sipping a glass of water.

"What are you doing up so early?" I ask, joining her on the other side of the table.

"I'm always up at 6 in the morning. So, how was your night?"

I look at her confused for a moment. Does she know Liam went to my room? "Why do you ask?"

"Trying to make conversation here Lawson. Why should I know something?" she smirks, taking another sip of water.


"Okay then answer my question Law-"

"It was fine," I quickly cut her off.

"Okay Lawson. Don't need to be mad," she surrenders with her hands in the air.

 "I'm not mad! But answer me this Lily...why do you all of a sudden start calling everyone by their last name?" I ask. I hated my last name. Lawson? Seriously? Couldn't my last name be something more normal like Gonzales? Wasn't even my choice to be in my family that doesn't care about me anyways.

 "I honestly don't know why...maybe because it sound more normal to me? That was sure a stupid answer if I say so myself. Oh wait! It's probably because since we called our teachers the more formal right way it just got stuck to me to call people by their last names."

"That's still a stupid answer," I chuckle, "was that really the reason why?"

"Uh sorta I guess because it kind of did stick to me after 12 years of stupid school," she groans when she says the word school.

"Hey guys," Cat comes in.

"Morning sleepy head...did you forget about your bed head?" I grin.

"Oh that's what I forgot."

"We could see that," Lily laughs.

"Hey Lily, could I borrow your brush?" Cat asks.

"Yeah sure."

"Where is it?"

"Over the rainbow with flying ponies," Lily puts her hands up pretending to form a rainbow with her hands, "Where do you think?"

"Shut up."

"Sadly I can't Bates."

"Seriously? Rainbows and ponies?" I keep my laughter in.

"Hey at least I haven't used unicorns yet, and you know how much I love unicorns so I could go on forever."

"That's true. Hey, have you received any texts from Viper lately?"

"Uh...yeah I have and she said she's wants to skype call soon."

"When did you get that text?"

"Like 3 days ago."


"What? You mad that wittle Viper didn't text you?" Lily says in a baby voice.


"Aw...somebody misses Viper."

"I'm admitting it Lily."

"Now I have something to tease you about!"

"Oh god," I say, face palming myself.

"Okay bed head gotten rid of...check," Cat says coming in.

"Do you seriously have a daily routine?" I ask.

"Like you never had one Lawson?" Lily smirks.


"Can't do that Lawson," Lily goes out to the living room with Cat behind her.

"Morning girls," Liam says coming in with bed head too.

"Forgot something Payne?" Lily asks looking over at us.

"Uh no why?"

"Never mind Alfalfa."


"Ignore her," I say, standing up to fix his hair. I sit myself back on one of the stools. I stood quiet while Liam poured some tea in a cup and joined me across the table. "So..." I begin to look around, "how was your night?"

"Hm? Fine...I guess."

"That's good."

"What about you?"

"Um...weird if I say so myself," I say, having the thought of seeing Liam half naked in the same bed as me. I begin to blush.

"Why? Because I was in the same bed as you? And because I was half naked?" He begins to laugh.

"You knew?!"

"Well yeah! I'm not going to just sleep randomly in someone's bed Katie! And sorry that I didn't ask you."

"Wait so why did you?"

"Lewis took over my bed."

"Oh, but couldn't you sleep with Harry?"

"Do you even know that he sleeps naked in bed?" Lily shouts from the living room.

"And how do you exactly know that?" I raise an eyebrow at her.

"Directioner stuff that you wouldn't understand Katie," Lily snaps her fingers in a Z line.

"Are you saying I don't know anything about 1D?"

"Your words, not mine."

"Dammit Lily! Are you challenging me?!"

"Also your words Lawson."

"Shut up!"

"So are you challenging me Lawson?"

"Yes I am in fact Lily!"

"Um? So when are we starting?"

"Right now!" Louis come out of the room running towards the couch with Harry and Niall behind.

 I jump over the couch and face Lily. "Ready to lose Lawson?" She smiles evilly.

"You better eat your words Lily."

"What's with all this shouting?" Zayn comes out with Ruby at his side followed by Kalel coming out of the room across from them.

"We're going to do a 1D challenge!" Lily says, smiling then faces me seriously.

"Good thing you woke up Zayn, we are going to need some questions." I smirk.

"Round 1!" Louis shouts.

"Wait how is this going to work?" I ask.

"Easy. 5 rounds and 5 questions each round. And whoever raises their hand first gets to answer, but if they answer wrong the other person could steal. Who wants to ask their 5 questions first?" Lily looks at the boys.

"I'll go," Liam says, raising his hand.

"Round 1 go!" Louis shouts.

"Lets start off easy. What is my strange fear?"

I quickly raise my hand up, "spoons."

"Correct! Point to Katie!" Louis says.

"Nice Lawson," Lily winks at me.

"What kind of pet did I have before they died?"

"How am I suppose to..."

"Turtles! And if you want names Boris and Archimedes," Lily smiles.

"Correct! I told you I had pet turtles Katie," Liam says.

"Listen better next time Lawson," Lily says.

"Okay! What is my middle name?"

Lily shoots her hand up in the air before me, "James!"


"What is my star sign?"

"Virgo!" Lily jumps up and down.

"Correct! American food?"

"Cheeseburgers!" She shouts again.

"Jeez! Got a stalker over here!" Liam says, moving down to the floor while Zayn comes up.

"Okay...what's my favorite book?"

"Harry Potter!" I spit out before Lily does.

"Correct! My star sign?"

"Capricorn!" Lily says.

"Correct! Birthday?"

"January 12!" Lily says.

"Correct! Name one of my nicknames."

"Dj Malik!" Lily shouts.

"Correct! I'll do an easy one...what song did I sing on X-Factor?"

"Let me Love You?" I look up at him hoping I'm correct.

"Correct!" Zayn sits back down and. Niall is up next.

"My star sign?"

"Virgo! Don't do easy questions Horan," Lily rolls her eyes.

"Yeah," I begin to look around worried.

"Correct! And okay. Audition song?"

"So Sick of Love Songs!" Lily says.

"Correct! Favorite movie?"

"Grease!" I answer.

"Correct! Favorite food?"

"Anything that's edible," Lily nods her head at the question.

"Correct! Last one! True or False? I hate vegemite."

"No?" I answer unsure.

"True!" Lily says proud.

"Correct Lily! Yep, she's a stalker alright," Niall laughs sitting down on the ground again.

Harry comes up next. Good thing I know some more tuff about him so I could finally catch up. Well I hope I do.

"My sign?"

"Aquarius!" Lily says.

"Correct! Song I sang on..."

"Isn't She Lovely!" I answer quickly.

"Jeez! Someone wants the points. Favorite American food?"

"Beef Jerky!" I answer again.

"Who do girls ship me with out of the band mostly?"

"Louis! Was a Larry Stylinson shipper...sorry," Lily's cheeks turn red.

"Um? Correct! True or false? I give Liam love bites."

"False. Louis does." I say.

"Correct!" He says, taking Louis place as he come up to us.

"Now for the final round!" Louis says.

"Bring it sass master of Doncaster!" Lily says.

"I better be the sass master! Okay. My star sign?"

"Capricorn!" Lily says.


"December 24!" Lily smiles.

"Say one of my quotes."

" 'No!' Jimmy protested," She laughs.

"What is the craziest prank I ever did to Harry?"

"Straighten his hair," Lily smirks.

"Okay! Final question goes to Katie!"

"What?!" Lily shoots a look at Louis.

"You didn't say we could add rules, so 12 points for this question if you get it right," he looks back at me.

"Bring it on."

"What was the the song I sang on X-Factor?"

 What?! That's the easiest one he could think of? I'm totally going to lose. I focus back on Louis shrugging my shoulders.

"A. One Way or Another," not it, "B. How to Save a Life," nope, "C. Let it be or D. Hey There Delilah?"

Now I'm not sure about C and D. Let it be could be it, yet Lily did mention something about Hey There Delilah with Louis in the conversation.

"Hey There Delilah?" I ask unsure.

"Correct! And we have a tie!" Louis says.

"Bonus round! 5 points!" Liam says. The boys all huddle up in a circle to think of a question.

"Okay we have one!" Niall says.

"We'll spit it out already!" Lily throws her hands in the air.

"Name all the songs in our 'Take Me Home' album."

Lily quickly raises her hand as I think of all the songs they have in the album.

"Lily. And no they don't have to be in order," Liam says.

"Okay here we go. Live While We're Young, Kiss You, Rock me, Over Again, Summer Love, C'mon C'mon, I Would, Little Things, Change My Mind, They Don't Know About Us, Heart Attack, Last First Kiss, and Back For You." She says, counting them on her fingers.

"Ding ding ding! We have a winner!" Louis says.

"We are happy to say you are a One Direction stalker! What would you like to have as a prize?" Louis asks.

"How about I get to play a prank on each of you?" Lily smiles.

They all look at Lily weird, but agree. "Fine."


"You could of said money or something better than pranks you know," I say.

"I know but they won't know when I prank them, and they won't be as mad because this is their warning," Lily whispers, smiling evilly.

 That little evil Lily Hunter. Who knows what she might do to the poor boys. They don't know what they just agreed to...

A/N: This may be the last chapter I post on movellas so just check me out on Wattpad if you'd like to continue reading this. And my username will be the same as always -> Shyviolin


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