One Way Ticket to One Direction

A girl named Lily and her 4 friends go off on an adventure when her mom gets tickets to a One Direction concert. A surprise awaits for them behind a metal door full of drama, adventure, and romance. What can they expect this summer? Copyright Shyviolin. Please no duplicating.


16. Emergency

~Harry's Pov~
   After Loly sailed I join Cat and Ruby at the flat. "Do you ladies want to walk around England with me and Zayn?" I turn towards them as I enter in. They both nod in agreement. "Hey let's stop by a drug store while we walk around." Ruby says getting up. "Why?" Cat asks turning towards Ruby. "You know what I'm not going but before you come back can you get me some pills?" Ruby covers her mouth and runs to the loo, "I'm gonna be sick!"
   Cat runs after Ruby banging on the door yelling, "Ruby are you okay?!" We wait for a couple seconds for a reply but it's silent. "Ruby!" Cat bursts into tears banging on the door. "Stand back Cat!" I yell pushing her out of the way running into the door. "What's wrong?!" Zayn yells running in. "Ruby locked herself in the restroom and she's not replying!" Cat says getting up. Zayn slams into the door knocking it down and comes out with Ruby in his arms. "Call 911 Cat!" Zayn yells. I quickly grab the phone and toss it to her. "They're on there way." Cat says kneeling next to Ruby.
   The ambulance quickly comes and takes us to the hospital. "Zayn, was there something unusual with Ruby when you were with her?" Cat asks running after him. "Well I haven't seen her eat in a while." Zayn says sitting on one of the chairs. "Oh no!" Cats says gasping. I look towards her, "What is it?" "I told her to stop doing this!" Cat says yelling at herself. "For heaven sakes! Tell me!" I say grabbing her shoulders. "She has a habit of not eating something that is not healthy or she just wont eat at all." "Why would she do that?" Zayn questions looking up at Cat. "She doesn't want to be over weight." Cat says covering her face. This is going to be a long night.

~Katie's Pov~
   I join Liam, Lily, Kalel, and Louis at Liam's flat. "Hey Liam what happened to Danielle?" I ask breaking the silence. "Oh she had a last minute invitation to her friends party." "Oh ok." I say with a little smile on my face. "Louis what are you doing?" Liam asks looking at Louis weird. "Trying to get my first actual kiss with Lily." Louis says leaning closer to Lily. "Getting a call from... Harry?" Lily says quickly getting up making Louis face plant on the couch. Lily gasps loudly making us all turn to her.
   "We need to leave like now!" Lily says grabbing a jacket. "What's wrong?" I ask following her out the door. "Ruby's in the hospital!" Lily says running down the stairs. "Wait for us girls!" Liam says following behind us.
   We arrive at the hospital and see Harry, Zayn, and Cat in the waiting room. "It's her habit again." Cat says hugging me. "We told her to stop that!" Lily yells hitting the wall. "Calm down love." Louis says grabbing her by the waist putting her on his lap. "I'm sorry, it's just I worry about her too much now... Did somebody call Niall or Vip?" Lily looks around for a reply from us. "No, but they might be sleeping by now." Liam says standing up.
   I wake up on Liam's lap and see everyone else asleep. "Lily, wake up." I whisper to her. "What?" she says groaning. "Is Ruby alright?" "Yeah, I seen her last night right after you fell asleep on the floor." "How did I end up on..." Liam interrupts me and says, "I picked you up off the floor because you didn't look comfortable." "Oh, thanks." I start to blush.
   "Let's take you home Katie." Liam says pulling me with him, "does anyone else want to come?" "I'll go." Lily says following behind us followed by Louis. We arrive at Liam's flat and head inside. "Katie you need some rest go to my bed and I'll stay here." he says pointing me to his bedroom. Right when I hit the pillow I knock out.

~Lily's Pov~
   After we rode with Liam back to the flat I go over to Niall's flat. "Morning guys." I whisper entering in with Louis. "Hey, I got your text is Ruby alright?" Vip asks looking up at us. "Yeah, I think they might let her out later." I say plopping next to her. "Thats a relief." Vip says taking a deep breath.
   "So while I was at the hospital this morning I seen this magazine." I pull it out from my bag and throw it on the table. "What?!" Vip gasps staring at the magazine. "So are you guys together?" I ask looking down at her. "Uuhhh... I don't know." she says shrugging her shoulders. "Well let me know when that happens." I say winking at her.
   I walk to Louis flat and jump on the couch. "So... We never got our first actual kiss Lily." Louis says sitting next to me. "I guess not huh?" I say leaning closer. We lean in close together as our lips touch. "What happened to a room?" I look up and see Vip looking down on us. "It's different for me." I say giggling as I push her out the door.
   "So where were we?" Louis says leaning in. "About to go to sleep." I say putting my hand over his mouth, "I had a long night Louis." "I did too but you don't see me complaining." he says leaning in again. "Bad boo!" I say slapping him lightly on the cheek. "Fine." he says giving a me pouty face. He wraps me in his arms as we fall asleep on the couch.

~Zayn's Pov~
   I wake up and see Ruby on the hospital bed sleeping like an angel. She's so beautiful. I sit next to her on the bed and stroke her hair as she begins to wake up. "You okay love?" I whisper to her softly. "Yeah just a little headache." she smiles up at me. "Ruby, I don't think I ever had feelings like this for someone else before and I was wondering if you wanted to be my girlfriend." I nervously say. "Wait, what?" she says quickly getting up. "You heard me." I smile at her. "Yes!" she wraps her arms around my neck as I hold her close.
   "Are you the guardian of Ruby?" the doctor looks at us. "Yes, well kind of." "Well she is free to go but you will need to pick up a couple of medications down at the pharmacy and if this happens again give me a call." he says handing me his card. We walk out and walk towards everyone in the waiting room. "Ruby!" Cat and Kalel yell running toward us. "I'm glad your okay!" Cat says hugging Ruby tight. I quickly run down to the pharmacy to grab the medications and meet everyone outside.
   "Ruby your okay!" Vip says hugging her. "Well I'm not dead." Ruby chuckles. "I think you should take your medications right now." I say pulling her in the kitchen. "I thought I had to take it later?" she says raising an eyebrow. "It was just an excuse to be with you." I smile down at her. I hold her close to me and kiss her. "Seriously! Why do I always walk in when people kiss?" Lily says walking out quickly. We laugh together and walk out to join everyone else.

~Vip's Pov~
    I can't believe Ruby ended up in the hospital, but good thing she's alright. "Ruby, I think you should go get some rest." I say joining by her side. "Vip is right." Zayn says pulling her into his room. "Especially Harry and Cat, you two were at the hospital the whole time with Ruby." Lily says pushing them out to Harry's flat.
   "I'm hungry!" I whine at Lily. "You've got legs and hands." she says pointing to the kitchen. "Ugh, fine." I walk to the kitchen and take out some food. "May I join you?" I look back and see Niall sitting at the table. "Sure," I say putting a plate of food in front of him, "so did you see the magazine this morning?" "Uh... no why?" I toss the magazine in front of Niall. "Lily seen this at the hospital this morning before she left. Is it true?" I question him. "Is what true?" "What the magazine says on the cover?" He looks up at the words and says, "Niall's new girlfriend?" he stares at it for a while, "it's up to you." I stop on my tracks and look back at him.
   "Just say yes already!" we look towards the door and see Lily pop her head out staring at us. "Lily!" I begin to blush, a lot. Louis joins her side, "We already know you guys will end up together..." Lily cuts off Louis sentence, "And you will have a baby Niall and Viper!" Lily starts to chuckle. I roll my eyes and look back at Niall. "Definatley yes." I say running towards him giving him a huge hug.

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