Reality ruined her life...

When Anna moves to a public school it wasn't what she exdpect. She discovers that she see bulliling all around and never has the chance to stop it. She gets bullied back and almost hurts herself. In the way she meets a girl that's against bulliling. Her name is Shelby and they both go through this dangerous adventure to stop the bulliling. But she does meets a boy on the way named Matt and finds a deep connection to him. But Shelby isn't so sure about home since he bullied her and that's the reason why she almost commited suicid. Will they fave this tragedy and find a solution?


6. The unexpected


"Ok Matt your going to be ok your just going to be a little dizzy, and you have a bump in your head from the door, so that will be there for a while." The doctor said. She looked like a hooker but I can tell she tried to look smart with her glasses she's wearing. But she kept on taking them off and rubbing her eyes.

"Ok here's your paper and if anything happens to you then please come back ok?" She said. "Ok thank you." Matt said. 

We finally got to my car. It was 2:34am and I was exhausted. "So where do you live?" I said. "Right there." He said. He was pointing to a mansion. It was beautiful and it lit up the whole street. "There? Well ok." We got into the car and I drove over there. "Thank you. Um I'll see you around at school and on that website you made up."Wait what? School? My website? You go to my school and you go in my website?" I said curiously. "Yeah I was new 2 days ago. And everyone told me about that website so I joined." Matt said. He told me thank you hugged me and went into his "house." 

3 weeks later me, Matt, and Shelby are really close. But the bullying is getting  worser. I was on my Mac laptop until somebody but there hands around me "Guess who?" He said. "Evan!" I said. I gave him a long kiss. We got to my bed and started making out. "So why are you here? What's up?" I said. Me and Ethan have been dating for 2 months now and we really want to move out and get a apartment. Shelby and Matt already have an apartment but Matt has a house. 

"Pack up." 
"Why? What's going on?" 
"I found us a condo."
"Yeah I already rented it!" 

I was in shock I thought we were going to wait. "My uncle is paying for the first 4 years and then we pay for the rest of the years." He said. He was excited. 

I only live with my mom because my dad died when I was 4 so I don't care that much. "Go tell your mom and lets get out of here." He said. 

Me and my mom talked for a while and she finally said yes! "Remember there's no rush. And your only a senior and if it doesn't work out then 
There's only home. 

The next 3 weeks we are finally done moving in. We painted all of the rooms and the furniture is perfect. "I can't wait to live with you for the rest of my life!" Evan said. He kissed me on my lips and we went to bed.

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