Reality ruined her life...

When Anna moves to a public school it wasn't what she exdpect. She discovers that she see bulliling all around and never has the chance to stop it. She gets bullied back and almost hurts herself. In the way she meets a girl that's against bulliling. Her name is Shelby and they both go through this dangerous adventure to stop the bulliling. But she does meets a boy on the way named Matt and finds a deep connection to him. But Shelby isn't so sure about home since he bullied her and that's the reason why she almost commited suicid. Will they fave this tragedy and find a solution?


8. The suprise

Me and Matt are finally official. But we are still trying to find a way to stop bullying. It's gotten worser 4 kids have already committed suicide from the pass 5 days . It was sad because I had to see parents go through it. 

Today was a Saturday and my mom wasn't home because she went on a business trip. So me and Matt had had my house to ourselves or we could just go to his house. Shelby is at China because she visiting her step-dad so it's just us two. 

A couple of months ago I wrote the president about bullying and cyber-bullying. I told him to stop the website I created and to install security cameras in the schools that don't have them.  I finally got a letter back.

"That was a touching letter. The president read it and said it was a wonderful idea. He would rite back but he was very busy so he said if you sign below you will get the website shutdown. But we would have to see about the security cameras. Thank you for telling us about your bullying in your school and I'm sure you can stop it. Please mail us back this letter so we know you agree and that you sign below." 

I started screaming and went to the post office! When I got there I added a stamp and my address then there's. I signed it got an envelope and stuck it into the slot for where the other mail goes. 


I went to the store and got some candy and cigarets. I got into the car and saw Evan. 

"Hey!" I said. "Oh hey!" He said he looks really good. I haven't seen him since the day I left him which was 5 days ago but he seems happy. "How are you?" He said he smiled and said I looked great. "I'm fine. You?", "I'm great!" He said. He looked great too "So tomorrows Graduation!" Are you excited?" He said. "Yeah! I mean-" his phone ringed and he put his finger up to shush me. "Sorry I have to go. It was nice to see you and I guess I'll see you later. He said. He ran to his car and speeded off. 


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