Reality ruined her life...

When Anna moves to a public school it wasn't what she exdpect. She discovers that she see bulliling all around and never has the chance to stop it. She gets bullied back and almost hurts herself. In the way she meets a girl that's against bulliling. Her name is Shelby and they both go through this dangerous adventure to stop the bulliling. But she does meets a boy on the way named Matt and finds a deep connection to him. But Shelby isn't so sure about home since he bullied her and that's the reason why she almost commited suicid. Will they fave this tragedy and find a solution?


1. The new girl in town

Unfortunately it was a Monday and the first day of school for the new girl. Which was me. I'm really not use to all if this stuff. I came from a private school so it was pretty classy with all of the uniforms. 

And me and my dad are pretty wealthy too. It's only us because my mom died of cancer so it's just me and my dad. But my dad doesn't like talking about it because he doesn't want to lose me too. But I don't get it in a private school you won't get hurt bug in public you will. So why would I go? 

My butler called me down for my breakfast but I didn't want to eat because I didn't want to throw it up because I'm really nervous.  It's like I have butterfly's in my stomach and they'll only come out if I face my fears. But what do I do there? I'm very confuse and my face is pale. "Are you ok miss Anna?" Said my butler in concern "Yes of course just a little frazzled for today. I'm not ready to start a new life, but  I guess I have to start now or never." 

I looked at the time and realized I had 15 minutes left until I had to leave so I dashed upstairs to put my cloths on. I love my cloths because they always fit perfectly. So I put on a blue lace shirt and purple pants with pink vans. Then out I went. 

All I focused on was the cliques. I'm not really a sporting person except for volleyball. Volleyball is my passion and I can't live without it. So I tried looking for the volleyball clique and finally found them. 

"Hi my names Anna!" I said nervously but confident. "Hi new girl" said a girl in the back. She gave me a smirk and scanned me with her vicious eyes. "Hi my names Shelby, so are you interested in volleyball or are you just lost." She looked at me then told me to get lost. "No I will not go away. I love volleyball and I want to be on your team!" I said furious and desperate. "Fine during lunch you will tryout and see what you got." Shelby said. "Ok.... Nice to meet you- Shelby" I said sarcastically in a nice tone. 

When it was lunch time I was relived. "I hate it here" I said to myself really quietly. I walked to my locker to get my lunch bag. But I stopped. I heard a vicious sound on the other side of the hallway it sounded like a jungle. I waked towards the fight and it was two girls in the hallway. "You are so ingrate and selfish!" Said the blonde girl. She didn't dress nice and she stinks too. "At least I'm not poor and doesn't cheat on my boyfriend unlike you!" Said another blonde girl which had grass all over her hair and grass stains on her light blue shorts. 

I heard enough so I ran away from the fight and went outside for my volleyball tryout. The first 15 minutes I showed them the drills I could do then the rest of the time I had to face the caption. She served the ball and almost spiked it at my head. I got frustrated because they probably think I'm a phony. It was 15-15 and we were tied. I had the last serve so I gave it my all. I served the ball and hit it as hard as I can. She went on her knees trying to get the ball. My heart jumped but she missed. She missed! They looked at me with surprised. Shelby walked up to me and said "Welcome to the team new girl."  

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