Reality ruined her life...

When Anna moves to a public school it wasn't what she exdpect. She discovers that she see bulliling all around and never has the chance to stop it. She gets bullied back and almost hurts herself. In the way she meets a girl that's against bulliling. Her name is Shelby and they both go through this dangerous adventure to stop the bulliling. But she does meets a boy on the way named Matt and finds a deep connection to him. But Shelby isn't so sure about home since he bullied her and that's the reason why she almost commited suicid. Will they fave this tragedy and find a solution?


4. The idea

"Come on please open!" I said. I was desperate. "Hey what's going on?" Shelby said. She had purple sweats on form Victoria Secret and a blue shirt. 

  I walked into her house and took her hand a headed to HER room. We sat down on her beanbags. "What's the buzz?"    "Ok so you know how your sister died from being bullied?" I said. "Well duh!"she said. "We'll I know how to stop bullying and cyber-bullying. Ok so we set up an website online. Like Facebook or Myspace. Then people will join. Then we would set up an fake account. We would say see if people get bullied or not. And if people get bullied at school we don't just stand there. We would offend the bullying and see if the bullying now how it is."   "Ok. But not just that was should start a group! We could talk to the principal about it and see if she will let us make a difference!" Shelby said. She was happy. And when she's happy I'm happy.    "Okay let's get started!" I said. 
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