Reality ruined her life...

When Anna moves to a public school it wasn't what she exdpect. She discovers that she see bulliling all around and never has the chance to stop it. She gets bullied back and almost hurts herself. In the way she meets a girl that's against bulliling. Her name is Shelby and they both go through this dangerous adventure to stop the bulliling. But she does meets a boy on the way named Matt and finds a deep connection to him. But Shelby isn't so sure about home since he bullied her and that's the reason why she almost commited suicid. Will they fave this tragedy and find a solution?


7. Goodbye


"I'm going to miss you!" I said. Evan was going to France because he took French. "I'm going to miss you more! And when I come back we are only going to have one more week of school!" Evan said. "I don't want to miss the plane so I have to go. I love you, bye!" He kissed me one more time and left. 

I called Matt and he came over. "So he is gone for a week?" Matt said. "Yeah. I miss him so much." I said. "Nice house it fits "your" personality." "Thanks." 

The whole time he was here we watched a movie and smoke. Then we ended up drunk. 

When I woke up I felt a breeze. I was naked. And I had my head on Matt's chess. He was naked. I was naked. 

"Oh my gosh!" I said I got out of my bed and put on I think Evan shirt. I flicked his arm and he woke up "Huh-well hello. You look lovely. Wait what happen last night?" Evan said. "Uh-uh-um" I was frazzled. "We had sex." He said.  I nodded my head and told him to put some cloths on. He put his cloths on and told me that I was wearing his shirt. I took it off and I forgot I wasn't wearing a bra. "Shit! You could've told me?!" I said. "Sorry. Sorry." He said. 

He started walking towards me. He put his hand on my cheek and kissed me slowing on my lips. His lips were soft and so were mine. I pushed him away and told him to get out. "What?" He said. "You can't just do that! We can't just get drunk have sex your going to act like we're dating!?!?!" I said. I was actually happy. I always liked Matt but then I lost interest because I starred dating Evan. But then again I'm with Evan and I love him but I might have feelings for Matt too. We laid on my bed and looked at the celling. We sat there for approximately 3 hours.
I'm breaking up with Evan." I said. I looked at him. He smiled. He didn't need a explanation he leaned over and kissed me. We he was done he told me to go hey dress. 

"Because I'm taking you on a date."
"Well what?"
"Go get ready!"
"Oh ok!" 

I put on a dress that matched his sky blue eyes and put on my heels. When we got there we ate and danced. We talked about our selfs and our family. His family is very nice and they treat me like I'm there kid. He loves my mom because she's my only family. Matt isn't one of those boys that are a snobby and that knows everything and can do anything. 

Finally Evan got home from France and I had a lot on my mind. The only thing is that I lost my virginity to Matt. But Evan wanted me to lose my virginity to him. I was confused but my mouth knew what is was doing but my mind didn't. 

"Hey sweetie I got you something!" Said Evan. He gave me a kiss and it felt like it was forever. I stopped him and told him to sit down.  "What's up?" He said. He wasn't worried about anything. He said hold that thought. He went into our room and all of my stuff was gone he asked where it was. "Ok um. Listen I know you cheated on me a month ago. And you never told me." I said. "When did you figure this out?" Evan said. I could tell that he knew I was leaving him. "Matt told me.... But how am I suppose to live with you when your going to cheat on me? How am I suppose to trust you?" I started crying I took my last box and opened the door. "Goodbye." I said. He started crying. "B-b-bye." He said he just stood there and watched me leave. 

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