Agent Indana's story

In project freelancer their are more than 1 agents and they are different in their own ways but only one has the ability to have all their abilities and to use them at any given time.The story will go from when he first joined to where he is now it is based on red vs. blue from rooster teeth.


1. The Beginning

As my older sister left for her so called "new job" I grabbed the phone and called the place that she went to sign up a couple days ago. When I called and asked if I can sign up they only had one spot open and I answered the questions as fast as I can and I got the spot put they said it is the "most difficult" spot and I did not care as long as I am with my sister and brother I don't care. When I got there it was difficult to just get in the place it made me so mad how long it took to just get in the area. When I got there it was so huge, than someone told me "the Mother of Invention is the biggest ship ever only the best of the best get to be on there with the director and the councilor which I get to go on it. Oh where are my manners I am agent Wyoming one of the snipers on the team. And you are?" " I am Zachary but you can call me Zach I don't know what my code name is honesty. Where do I go to find out my code name?" Then Wyoming tells me " over there by agent Carolina and New York." " Where is Carolina and New York?" Then Wyoming says" New York is the one in the tan armor and Carolina is the one in the sea foam green armor." Then I say " thanks Wyoming" " Oh your welcome chap." As I walk to New York and Carolina I think Wyoming is English oh well. I get to New York and Carolina I find out that New York is my sister's boyfriend and then I find out that Carolina is my sister what I was looking for but I never knew I would meet my sister's boyfriend this is going to be very fun.

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