Agent Indana's story

In project freelancer their are more than 1 agents and they are different in their own ways but only one has the ability to have all their abilities and to use them at any given time.The story will go from when he first joined to where he is now it is based on red vs. blue from rooster teeth.


2. Some of the Agents

When Carolina found out it was me she was mad as hell and beyond hell itself and she starts yelling "WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU DOING HERE" " I thought it would be fun" " WELL IT ISN'T ALRIGHT." " I really don't care I just want to know what my codename is and where to go" while me and my sister were yelling new York was looking for my name when he found it he said " okay your name is Indiana and go to agents Maine and Washington to get your armor." " Okay but, where is Maine and Washington?" Than Carolina says " you don't need to know" new York says " Maine is the one in white and the helmet with the visor that covers most it and Washington is the one with black and yellow armor." " Oh thanks new York" " please call me just York" "okay, thanks York" as I walk towards Maine and Washington I hear Carolina and York yelling and I'm thinking this may have been the worst idea of all time. When I got to Maine and Washington, Washington said "name please" "my name is Indiana" "no, I mean real name not codename" "oh sorry it's Zachary but you can call me Zach" finally Maine says armor over there on box" "thanks, and after I get my armor where do I go?" Washington says " after you get your armor on you come with me and Maine" "okay" as I walk to the box I run in to another freelancer my age and he says "that armor is mine" "no Maine told me that the armor was mine" "will he is wrong that armor is supposed to be mine" "you said that the armor was supposed to be yours, so that means I got the armor and you didn't." "Yeah it's supposed to be mine but they said they found someone more capable to use it more than me" I really did not care about him I just cared about getting my armor and going. So I walked past him grabbed the armor and he saying "you just can't walk off like that" I find where I'm supposed to get changed and I put the armor on and it felt weird and heavy at the same time and I better get used to it because it is going to be a brumby ride.

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