Teenage Runaway

Harry styles, those two words can make any girl faint. But not me , he made me believe that I was in love but then just threw me away like I was a piece of trash. He left me crying, alone ,and broken laying on the floor. I can't see how Anyone could ever like him or admire him. They are as stupid as I was when I fell for those green eyes, curls, and his dimples...
(15+ for mature content)


5. thanks for saving me

Sophie's POV

"How long have we been here" I whined half asleep. We have been locked up in this building like forever and the fandom still hasn't died down.

"I mean how many fans does one direction even have?" Harry smirked at me and I shot him a glare. he looked away and pretended like it never happened.

"I'm leaving!" I shouted as everyone looked at me in surprise.

"I wouldn't do that" The bodyguard said.

"No I am done! I am sick of being stuck with him and all of you!" I yelled pointing at Harry. I stormed towards the door opened it and walked out closing it not bothering the screaming girls. I tried to push away the girls but I was swallowed into the crowd. I was being asked so many questions like "Who are you?"

"Why were you with Harry?"

"Are you dating Harry Styles?"

"Are you his personal stripper?"

"Aren't you his ex girlfriend?"

Some questions were reasonable like why was I there, but really a personal stripper, that escalated quickly.

As I was pushed deeper into the crowd I could hear Harry yelling my name from behind me. I dove deeper into the crowd. The screams of girls ripping at Harry's clothes drowned out my sobs. I mean after he just dumps me he thinks it's all better that I forgot about it just like that.

I tried to go deeper and deeper into the crowd but two large arms rapped around me and kept me close. I knew it was Harry but I couldn't help it I dug my head into his chest and sobbed breathing in the sent of his cologne.

How could someone who hurt me so badly make me feel so safe and protect me from all the screaming girls and paparazzi.

Harry's POV


I hugged her tight enough for her not to escape from my grasp but loose enough not to hurt her.

She clung tight to me and sobbed into my chest.

I couldn't believe she trusted me after all I have done her. I usually just fucked and left girls but she was different. It usually took me 1 night to get a girl to sleep with me but for her it took me over a month. All the girls I slept with were such sluts and liked it rough, but she was so sweet and innocent until I took that all away in one night. She was right I was a bastard and she didn't deserve me.

I led her out through the crowd with Paul leading us through. When we finally got to the limo Paul opened up the back door and Sophie got in. I stepped in after her and she scooted away from me and faced the window.

After she just clung to me through the crowd she was now scared of me. I wouldn't blame her though because I just left her alone when she needed me.

Sophie's POV


I scooted as far away as I could from him and I stared out the window blankly at all of the fans and paparazzi backing away because we started the car. I knew pictures of Harry and me would be up on the internet tomorrow but I didn't care. I was to scared of Harry to care about anything. I knew I was practically on him through the crowd but I had no choice know I did and I chose to stay away.

"Where do I drop you off Ms. Sophie?" Paul asked.

" At the next house on the right" I told him.

As he stopped the car Harry got out first and came to my side to open the door.

"You moved?" he asked

"Yes" I replied shortly. The last time he saw me was a year ago and I was still living in a flat in America. But since I moved to London and my parents became managers for some well known pop stars like Ed Sheeran, who I was a big fan of his music, and some other British singers and bands, I they got the money to buy a big house. But since they are working all of the time the house became mine.

"Thank you" I said to Paul and Harry.

" Maybe I'll see you soon Sophie" Harry said smirking, but I knew Harry very well and that "maybe" meant that he will drive to my house and make me go out with him weather I want to or not, and I definitely didn't want to so this these next days Harry are going to be a living hell for me and Harry is going to get his way.

 He got in his car and drove away as I walked into the house and collapsed on the couch.

"What have I gotten my self into" I breathed out.



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