Teenage Runaway

Harry styles, those two words can make any girl faint. But not me , he made me believe that I was in love but then just threw me away like I was a piece of trash. He left me crying, alone ,and broken laying on the floor. I can't see how Anyone could ever like him or admire him. They are as stupid as I was when I fell for those green eyes, curls, and his dimples...
(15+ for mature content)


1. prologue

"I hate you!" I screamed at him as he just got up and told me he was breaking up with me. we have been dating for over 1 months and he just decides to walk away.

" I cant believe I have ever trusted you, you lying bastard!" I trusted him even after all of his band mates told me that he has never had a real girlfriend and all he wants to do is fuck and leave.

" Liam was right about you, I should of never trusted a celebrity, I knew it wasn't going to last long!" I shouted at him.

" Then why did you ever agree to go out with me!" he yelled back.

" I thought you were different but I guess not!" he got up pulled his clothes on and walked right out of the flat leaving me crying alone on the bed. He made me feel as if I was important until he just walked out and left. He was my first boyfriend and he was the one who took my innocence away from me.

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