Teenage Runaway

Harry styles, those two words can make any girl faint. But not me , he made me believe that I was in love but then just threw me away like I was a piece of trash. He left me crying, alone ,and broken laying on the floor. I can't see how Anyone could ever like him or admire him. They are as stupid as I was when I fell for those green eyes, curls, and his dimples...
(15+ for mature content)


2. long time no see

*1 year later*

I put on a pair of white high waist shorts and a black crop top with the words "TEENAGE RUNAWAY" printed on it. I slipped on a pair of black vans and I was out the door.

I jumped on bike and rode my bike to the nearest starbucks which was about 1 mile away from my flat. I placed my bike beside the building and walked in.

" Hi, Sophie!" the casher women said, I have been coming to this coffee shop ever since I moved to London from America which was about 1 year ago.

"I'll have the usual" I told her. which was the white chocolate mocha cappuccino.

as soon as my order came I took a seat at the table closest to the window with two seats. I pulled out my phone and started flipping through twitter.

I cant believe it, it has been over a year since i have dated that bastard Harry Styles and I was still getting a bunch of messages from fans of One Direction. Most of them were messages like "Are you and Harry still dating?". I mean take a hint like really he probably fucked at least 10 girls since we broke up. But others were hate messages like "You don't deserve to date Harry he is mine" and I'm like "He probably doesn't even know you exist".

After reading about 50 of the messages I turned my iphone of and set it on the table and looked out the window for a while and sipped my coffee.

All of the sudden a big white hummer limo pulled up and I could see hundreds of teenage girls surrounding it. One big man came out and cleared a path through the teenage girls to the door.

A guy wearing sunglasses and a hood came out and entered the shop. he went to the register and ordered a coffee and came to my table and sat down

"excuse me" I said. He pulled down his hood reveling brown curls and took off his sunglasses showing off his green eyes.

" Long time no see Sophie" he said smiling showing off his dimples.

 At that second I knew who he was and I burst out in tears. I ran to the door and opened it to be greeted by fans. I tried to push through the crowd of girls with Harry chasing me and his security chasing him. All of the sudden the world went blank and I hit the hard ground.



hope you guys like this story its my first one ill try my hardest to update.

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