The Beginning Of Reality

Elizabeth is nervous to go off to college in New York City, she doesn't know who her roommate is, or if her roommate will like her. Will her roommate like her? Or does she stop worrying when she meets that one guy.


1. On my way

 * Elizabeths POV*


"COME ON ELIZABETH YOU WILL MISS YOUR FLIGHT." My mom yelled as I fell off my bed onto a bunch of my boxes that said   "College" on them. Yes, the boxes were correct, I was accepted into a University in New York City.  I never expected I would be accepted but I was. I mean don't get me wrong I am excited but to go from California all the way to New York City is pretty scary.  Especially not knowing anyone at all there. I don't even know my roommates name. I just hope she likes me- * My thoughts were Interrupted* "ELIZABETH TAYLOR VALENTINE GET DOWN HERE!" My mom screamed. I just remembered I wasn't even dressed. "Shit." I said as I ran to my drawer I threw on a my Dad's old sweat shirt, and black skinny jeans, I ran to my bathroom I brushed my teeth and threw my long black hair into a messy bun, I put on my black moccasins and ran downstairs, my dad helped me take all my boxes downstairs and put them in my car. My car was nothing special it was my dad's old red pick up truck, but I loved it. And that's all that matters, right? My mom started to cry, she doesn't like to cry so she usually slowly paces back and fourth until she can get herself together, but this time she couldn't get herself together, she started to cry more and more after each second passed. And my dad, that was the only time I have ever seen him cry. I hate leaving while they are crying.. I hugged them both goodbye and said " I love you both so much, I'll skype you every night before I go to sleep and I'll tell you how everything is going. Okay?" "Okay honey just don't do anything stupid!" My mom said "No boys, and if there are boys I better meet them through skype." My dad said as he laughed, Typical dad but what can I say? My dad's my best friend. "Okay okay Dad, and mom I won't do anything to stupid" I laughed as I started up my car. "Okay bye honey" "We both love you" They both said as I drove away screaming "Bye!" And this is when reality really starts for me. As I arrived at the airport I got really nervous so I started pacing back and fourth, and the next thing I knew I smashed into a guy I looked up and holy mother of the lord that guy was beautiful, he had golden light brown eyes, with his light dirty blonde hair, and very muscular body.. Oh crap snap out of it Elizabeth! I quickly got up and said "I'm so sorry!" "Haha! It's okay." He said as I helped him pick up his things. "I'm Justin, and you are?" he said as I stared at him like a creep.. "Oh! I'm Elizabeth" I said nervously. "Well nice to meet you Elizabeth" He said as he turned away. And that's when I grabbed my things and waited for my plane to arrive.. This is it..

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