The Beginning Of Reality

Elizabeth is nervous to go off to college in New York City, she doesn't know who her roommate is, or if her roommate will like her. Will her roommate like her? Or does she stop worrying when she meets that one guy.


3. Dorm troubles.

* Elizabeths POV*

I woke up so pissed off. I don't know if I can deal with more of damn Carly. "GOOOOOOOOOOOOOODMORNING ROOMY" Carly yelled. I rolled my eyes, and said "Good morning." I then got a text from Justin


Justin - Wanna go get some coffee and a bagel again darling?


Me- Of course, I need to get away from Carly anyway!


Justin- Okay I'll be at your dorm in 20 minutes, just let me get dressed.


Me- Okay!


"Who was that?" Carly blurted out, "It was Justin why?"  "Just wondering. IS HE SINGLE?"   "Um no.." I had to lie. "Oh sucks, I think we could be perfect." Carly replied. I just stood there and looked at her.   "Well I have to get dressed" I went to my suitcase that I still haven't unpacked, and I pulled my long black hair out of the braid it was in from last night so it was a little wavy. Then I put on a plane white V-neck shirt and ripped black skinny jeans, with my red vans. I put on a neckless that my dad got me a few years ago, it was a locket, and it had a picture of him and I in there. Then I put on a bracelet that just said 'love' on it. 

I heard a knock at the door, I opened the door, and as beautiful as always it was Justin. He was wearing purple supras, black baggy jeans, and a black plane T-shirt. He smiled and hugged me hello. Carly decided to run over and say "OH hey Justin you look really HOT." "Oh.. Eh thanks Carly" He replied "We are just going to go now" I said as I pushed Justin out the door. Oh lord she is getting on my nerves.

I guess I made it obvious that Carly got me annoyed because Justin  was laughing and then he said "Aw is little Elizabeth jealous?"  "No.. Okay maybe a little bit." I blurted out, I regretted saying it about a second after. I was blushing. So I ran ahead of him, I didn't want him to notice. But he did. He then ran over and picked me up. And then whispered in my ear  "I would get jealous if someone was flirting with you too."  I smiled, and so did he. We arrived at the cafe, and order the same thing as yesterday. And then we sat down.

I was just looking at him, wondering how someone can be so perfect, and he suddenly noticed me staring at him. He threw a piece of his bagel at my face and said "Hey what are you looking at?" He made a playful sad face. "Oh nothing.." I said smiling. "No really tell me!" He said jokingly "You really want to know?" I questioned, "Yes!" He said loudly  "Okay okay! I was admiring your cuteness.."  I blurted out nervously "Then we have something in common, I admire your cuteness all the time also." He said as  I smiled and blushed, why do I always blush?

* Justin's POV*

I saw her blushing, and it was so cute. I couldn't stand it. Her cheeks are so adorable. So I decided to run over and kiss her on the cheek. Yes it was random. But she then smiled, which brightened up my day. There is nothing I rather do then be with her. I then decided to speak up and tell her why I kissed her on the cheek "So I decided to kiss you on the cheek, because first of all your blushing is beyond cute, and your cheeks are so adorable. And your cuteness over powers me, and makes me melt. And that's the honest truth."  I laughed 

"Well that brightened up my whole day" She blurted out and giggled. Oh my lord she was perfect, that laugh. That smile. I wanted her to be mine more then anything. "Want to just walk around the city for awhile and explore darling?" I asked "Of course." She smiled.


* Elizabeths POV*

Can he be mine already? He is so sweet. And so down to earth. I can't deal with his cuteness. He grabbed my hand, and pulled me outside of the cafe. The city is so beautiful. He was holding my hand while we walked around the city. Which certainly didn't bother me. At all. Justin looked at me and asked "What do you think of the city?" "I think it's beautiful." I smiled . He then smiled and said "Like you?" I blushed. He kissed my cheek again. Which made me smile like and idiot. He laughed and said "Does that make you smile? Good." I giggled and said "It is good isn't it?"


We talked and talked oh and walked for hours. It was about 8:00 pm when we decided it was time to end this amazing day. He walked me back to my dorm. "Bye love" He said and smile "Bye" I smiled, I went to open my dorm door, and he pulled my arm back, and kissed me. I kissed back. And we pulled away and we both couldn't stop smiling. We hugged. And that was the perfect ending. To the most perfect day.


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