The Beginning Of Reality

Elizabeth is nervous to go off to college in New York City, she doesn't know who her roommate is, or if her roommate will like her. Will her roommate like her? Or does she stop worrying when she meets that one guy.


2. Arriving


* Elizabeths POV*


An hour passed and my flight arrived I got on my plane,I sat down and it really started to hit me, I won't be home.. You know the saying "Home sweet home" where's my home sweet home? The dorm that I share with a complete stranger? Oh completely home sweet home.. I started to tear up, and then someone sat next to me I looked up and OH LOOKY THERE, it's Justin. The last thing I want is for him to see me like this. "Woah hey are you okay?" And that's what set me off I started crying, I don't even understand why, I guess I felt alone. I mumbled  "I'm fine." And he hugged me and comforted me and said That everything will be okay. And from that moment on I knew that everything will be, because I had someone by my side. We were on the plane for hours after hours. And finally arrived. I took a taxi to the University because my car wasn't shipped here yet. Guess who I bumped into again? Justin. "I guess fate  has us." He said laughing "I guess so!" I said back, he smiled and said "Let me walk you to your dorm." He walked me to my dorm and he helped me carry my stuff, we walked into my dorm, and then there was my roommate, with long blonde hair, wearing a pink sweat shirt, and skinny jeans, with pink bunny slippers. She jumped up and said "Hi! I'm Carly!" She seemed nice. "I'm Elizabeth, nice to meet you Carly." I said smiling. She seemed so nice. She then walked over to Justin and winked at him. He seemed to be a bit weirded out he backed up closer to me.  So much for having a positive thought on her..


* Justin's POV*

Okay, Carly completely freaked me out, and I think Elizabeth isn't very happy.. I mean that's probably just me. She would never like me right? I mean.. She's absolutely beautiful, I've never seemed to get this warm fuzzy feeling about a girl. AH Justin you just met her. My thoughts were interrupted when I heard the door slam, and that was Carly leaving to get lunch. Elizabeth sighed. "What's wrong love?" I asked as She looked at me and said "I don't think Carly and I will get along at all." "Well I guess we'll just have to see it out, now won't we?" I replied while smiling she laughed and said "I guess we will." "Now in the mean time lets go get something to eat!" I yelled as I was running out of her dorm, she followed running after me. She caught up with me and then asked "Where are we going?" "Anywhere you want" I replied. "Well it's still pretty early, can we just get some coffee at the nearest cafe?" She asked. "If that's what you want, that's what we do" I said smiling. 


* Elizabeths POV*

I felt my cheeks get red and hot, I don't know why I started to blush but I covered my face, and I guess he noticed because he smiled and said " Is Elizabeth blushing?" He laughed and pulled my hands away from my face. "It's cute don't worry." He blurted out. My face was completely red by now. But we got to the Cafe so I just mumbled "Thanks" And he then held the door open for me. He then whispered "You're welcome."  We both ordered An ice coffee, and got a plane bagel with butter. We got know each other better, he told me that that only thing that will ever get him angry or upset. Is if a boyfriend or girlfriend is not loyal or faithful in their relationship. And another thing is when guys disrespect girls. I learned that he is really down to Earth, and he is just so sweet.  I never met a guy like this. I think I kind of sort of.. JUST A LITTLE BIT. Have a crush on him. My thoughts were interrupted when Justin and I arrived at my dorm, and he said "I better go, don't miss me to much." He laughed and winked at me jokingly. I said "Oh oh don't worry I won't." We both laughed. We hugged goodbye, and he turned away. I opened my dorm door, and oh look.. Carly making out with a guy. Cool.. I closed my door, and just sat up against the wall until it was about 12:00 am and then he finally left. I walked in and just went right to sleep without saying a word to her.



*A/N* Hi guys c: I'm Courtney thank you to everyone that is reading this, I am new at writing these. So tell me what you think in the comments below! Should I keep writing? 





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