In a dystopian reality where music is everything, the world is ruled by a Council of corrupt dictators. The greatest punishment possible, reserved for only the worst of criminals, is called Silencing. But one Silent proves that, even if he is a outcast, shunned from society, he still has a voice.


1. Prologue: Silencing

            “Do what you want to me,” the prisoner shouted defiantly. “I don’t care! There will come a day when all the people’s voices rise against you! A day when our song echoes through these halls!”

            It was amazing. Bound hand and foot to a chair, only moments from death, that this man – this boy! – could be so sure of himself. Shaggy blonde hair hung long, some falling into his face, curling against his forehead and neck, and matted with blood. Somehow, it made the boy look even younger, more vulnerable. But the man knew the truth.

            “You are a revolutionist, boy. A danger to society. And so, I’m sorry to say, but when that day dawns, your voice won’t be among them.” The man turned to the executioner. “Silence him.”

            “Let the sky blaze with fire, let the morn dawn red! In the name of freedom, blood-” The man didn’t hear the rest of the revolutionist’s song. With a sickening shriek, it ended, the unsaid words hanging in the air.

            He turned back to the boy with a sad smile. Green eyes glared at him hatefully, over the ruin of his mouth and throat. The executioner had done well: there would barely be a scar. “In the name of freedom, blood will be shed. Yes, yes, we all know. All of you sing the same song.”

            The man turned again, and strode from the room. It really was a pity. The boy’s voice had been a magnificent tenor, reaching higher than the man’s ever could. Now, without tongue or voice box, no one would ever know it.

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