Hi!Always wanted to date one of the 1D people? Or want to have a story all about you guys? I'll make it happen! Tell my you:
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Thanks guys! i'll try and do everyone! xoxo



2. Walk Along The Beach.. (Trinity/Aria)

"Niall, where are we going?" I ask him,

"It's a surprise!" He said, I giggle.

"Ok, open!" He says excited. We were on the beach, were we first met. I felt like crying this was so sweet,

"Niall..It's-" I cut myself off by giving him the biggest hug ever! he swung me around and kissed me.

"Wait here" He told me then he went to get something. He came back holding his guitar and started singing "One Thing". When he was finished he looked into my jade green eyes, Tucked in a piece of my Brunette hair and said

"I love you, Trinity" and gave me a kiss

"I love you too, Niall" I said and he carried me birdal style and we walked along the beach. I fell asleep in his arms and i could feel him kiss my forehead and whisper "Your my One and Only Love" I fell asleep smiling, It felt magical and amazing... It was like my own fairytale.


I hope you like it! :) Trin070209



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