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5. Truth or Dare (Chloe)

Harry's POV

I looked over at her, and her beautiful features. Her blue eyes matched perfectly with her blonde hair which glowed in the sunlight, She was perfect. I was staring.

"Hazza?" She said, Her voice just hypnotized me.

"Hazza" She said again laughing

I snapped back to reality, "Oh sorry, Hey" I smiled at her.

She just laughed. "Hazza, I'm booooored" She said to me. I chuckled.

"What do you wanna do?" I ask, Moving a little closer to her. She didn't notice, Phew.

"What about a game of Truth or Dare!" She basically yelled, I thought about it for a moment.

She could find that I've had a crush on her!

But I said "Sure" Anyway.

"Ok, Truth or Dare?" She asks me.

"Truth" I say to her, Hoping she doesn't ask who I like.

"Hmmmm, Who do you like?" She asked. I hesitated.

"Ummm, Who I like?" I didn't know how to answer.

"Spill it Hazza!" She said, Smiling. Wow, That smile, It was perfect Just like her.

"I-it'" I said looking down.

She looked at me. "Me? Really?" She asked

"Y-yea" I assured her

"But why would anyone like me?" She said looking down.

I lifted up her chin, "Because your perfect" I kissed her, To make sure she know's that I really love her.

Because I do, I really do

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