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3. I'll Prove It! (Lilly Rose Thompson)

Lilly's POV

It's Niall and I's 2nd Anniversary! And were going out to celebrate, I did my hair and make up. Looked in the mirror and smiled at myself.

"Perfect" I said I walk downstairs where Niall is waiting for me, I walk downstairs and Niall's there astonished.

"You look Beautiful" He says, I giggle He hands me a boque of roses and smiles at me

"Thank you" I smile. "So, where are we going?" I ask. We stop and look at each other

"NANDOS!" We both yell, and we walk outside. And i see a two seater bike,

"Is that what were riding on?" I ask

"Yep!" He replies. I think it's cute! i sit down behind Niall and we begin to ride around. I admired the city as we rode around, and finally we saw Nandos! we stopped and chained the bike to a metal bar close to the restraunt. We walk and quietly giggle cause of how much we love it!

"Hi, how may i help you?" The Lady at the counter asks,

"We have a reservation for 2." Niall says.

"Ok, Name please?" She asks

"Niall, Niall Horan." He replies

"Oh yes, follow me" The Lady says and we follow her to a perfect spot were not many people sat near, so it meant we have privacy. I sat down and looked at the menu, and I noticed Niall kept staring at me. 

"What?" I laugh

"Oh nothing, Your just so beautiful i have to stare at you" He says smiling, I blush and giggle. We ordered and ate, Then left. 

"Niall?" I ask him, He turned

"Yes, beautiful?" He replies. 

"How much do you love me?" I ask, He stops.

"I love you so much that i'll do anything to prove it to you!" Says. I grin

"Anything? Ok prove it!" I said excitedly. He smiled ran and climbed onto a fountain. And yelled

"I LOVE LILLY ROSE THOMPSON!" and I could tell he meant it. He jumped off and everyone applauded.

"That was sweet Niall, You really love me?" I ask, He smiled and replied by cupping my chin into his hands and kissing me. 

"Yes, I do really love you" He replies.

Then we went to watch The Hunger Games in the cinema, It was perfect!


I hope you like it LilyRox132!





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