Unusual Love.<3

Breanna a 16 year old is abused by her mother. She finally gets the chance to run away. She runs away to where to she meets Niall.. Niall is protective and loves her so much. But he's afraid she's gonna fall for Harry, (he always gets the girls) But eventually her mother finds her and tries to murder her. Whats gonna happen ? Oh that's right I only know. ;3 Enjoy.(:


3. Meeting The Boys.

Smile at the Bitch who brings you down, Laugh at the jackass who screws you over & Point the middle finger at the idiots who don't know better.

|Breanna's P.O.V.|

It seemed like forever until we finally got to the boy's flat. We walked up the door, *Knock, Knock, Knock* Louis answers the door, well Niall who is this pretty lady ?

This is Breanna.

Hii Breanna.

Hii, Louis.

Come on in guys.

This is Liam, Harry, Zayn, And obviously Louis.

Well Hello There Beautiful. Harry said. 

*Thinking to self**He is a cutie, But I definitely wouldn't date him, he's too much of a flirt.**end of thinking to self* Uhh hi, I say as I back into Niall.

Harry stop being a flirt your scaring her !

Fine, I'm just trying to impress the girl.

Well you don't impress them by scaring them like that, when you first meet them !

Uff, Fine. 

Hey there ! Liam said.

*thinking to self**He was adorable, and his eyes asdfghjkl; But I wouldn't date him**end of thinking to self* Hii. I smiled.

Hello Babe. Zayn said.

*Thinking to self**He was such a cutie, his hair was in a quiff, He was asdfghjkl; but i would never date him. I don't know why.**end of thinking to self* Hello. I smiled at him.

Well hi there again. Louis winked.

*Thinking to self**He was such a cutie, he was sweet,I can already tell Louis will be like a brother to me. So therefore Louis is not date able. I would never date any of them. Well actually, I would date Niall. I don't know, I just feel something between us. I feel protected by him.**end of thinking to self.* Hi again, I said with a smirk.

So Niall are you two dating ? Asked Liam.

No, Niall said with a frown. 

*Thinking to self**I wonder why Niall looked so sad when he said no.**end of thinking to self*

Is she a close friend ? Liam asked.

I guess. 

Where did you two meet ? 

Liam, I'm not gonna talk about this right now, Your making Breanna feel uncomfortable !

|Niall's P.O.V.|

I hate Liam right now. He is asking all these questions Making Breanna uncomfortable. I can tell by the way she keeps backing into me. But it's so cute. Well it's cute when she does it.

Okay, Okay, I'm sorry.

It's fine Liam.


EVIL DEAD. screamed harry.

Niall i hate scary movies Breanna whispered inmy ear..

Okay, You'll be fine, I'm here. I will protect you. 

You sure ?

Yes I'm very sure, now lets go sit down.

Louis, Breanna and I sat on the couch.  Harry and Liam sat on the love seat. Zayn got stcuk on the floor. haha. About half way through the movie Breanna got scared and curled up to me, It was so adorable. But Next thing I knew, She was fast asleep on me, I soon fell asleep too. Breanna, was so beautiful and warm, I think i'm falling for her, and I only met her. I wonder what she thinks about me... All I know when she saw Harry, and he said that, he scared the fuck out of her... I don't think she will date Harry, But I could be wrong...

|Breanna's P.O.V.|

Niall is so cute, and sweet... He let me curl up and fall asleep in his arms. unlike most guys.. I think I'm falling for Niall, I have liked him ever since I saw him on X-Factor.. But not like this. I don't want him to think I'm using him for his fame, Which I'm not. I don't even think he likes me. I think he just feels sorry for me. But only he knows.. But what happens if we date, and I tell him what i have been through, and the things I have done, Is he still gonna wanna be with me ? I have a very rough past.. I never tell anyone, Because Now days you can't trust anyone.. But I can trust Niall, I mean he said, I will be safe with him.. and he seems real protective about me.. So I guess I could trust him.. Louis I know I can trust to, He's just that type of person. who you know you will be able to trust. But, For the moment until I get to know them better, I'm only going to trust Niall. But this morning I woke up in Niall's arms, His chest is so fit, for how much he eats.. But he's so warm. I got up trying not to startle him. Cause I gotta go pee. But I did startle him.

And where do you think your going missy ?

To the bathroom I gotta go pee ! I laughed.

Nooo, Okay. Hurry. I'm gonna be in the kitchen making breakfast.

I come back from going pee. So whatcha makin ?

Pancakes, cause everyone loves pancakes. He laughed. Oh and once the boys smell these pancakes They will run down !! so come stand over here by me. 


Ready ? One, Two, Three, And here's Louis, Liam, Zayn, Wait wheres Harry ? 

Err, I guess he went out after the movie last night. I don't know where he went he just left. Louis said.

|Harry's P.O.V.|

God Dammit, My car won't start. Looks like i'm walking 25 miles. Greeeeaaaat. Now I have to walk all the way from the club To louis's and then call a tow truck. Greeeeeeeaaaaaat. I can't believe last night, I ruined my chance with Breanna, I scared the fuck out of her when I said that. Then Niall has to go and be all protective, he just met her the other day. Then last night when we watched Evil Dead, She got scared about half way through the movie, She curled up with Niall, and fell asleep on his chest. Then he fell asleep with her. I'm Pretty pissed, I shouldn't be, I just met her. She's not even mine, I wish she was, But she probably never will be. After yesterday. I can tell she likes Niall, Just by the way she looks at Niall. I can tell Niall likes her too, By the way he looks at her and by the he's protective about her. But when she looks at me, She looks with disgust. She has probably heard about me with all my one night stands.. Have sex with a girl, say I'm gonna call her, Then I never do. I have really fucked up with girls. Really. Maybe I should take her out, get to know her, and try to impress her more. Man did it seem like forever until I got home.

|Breanna's P.O.V.|

Niall's cooking smells so good. I can't wait to taste it. Gosh when Niall cooks it's so cute, I have always loved it when a guy cooks. I guess his food tastes good, cause when he cooks, the boys run down so fast. But Harry was missing this morning. Where did he go ? Why wasn't he here ? All I know is last night he scared the shit out of me. I only feel safe with Niall. and Kinda with Louis.

I'M HOME !! Harry screamed.

Hey Harry !! we all screamed. 

Where were you last night ? Louis asked.

Oh I went out to the club.. I just needed to get out of the house.

Oh, Okaaaay.

I'm Going off to bed.




We all sat down at the table, I sat next to Niall, Louis and Liam were across from us and Zayn sat at the end. DIG IN GUYS !! I grabbed like four pancakes, Niall grabbed what looked like eight pancakes.. No one knows with this boy.. Liam Grabbed two. Zayn Grabbed Two. Louis Grabbed four. We all drenched our pancakes in syrup.

OMG, Niall your cooking is so good !! Well more like delicious !!

Haha, Why thank you.

*Ring, Ring, Ring*  Niall's phone started ringing.

Hello Mum.

Hello Honey.

Whats up Mum ?

Well, Your Grandparents just flew in, and their gonna stay in the guest room.. Is it okay if you and Breanna share a room ?

Yeah, That's fine mum. 

Okay see you soon. Love you.

Love you too. 

Breanna, We gotta go home now, My grandparents are there. 

Okay, See you guys some other time.

Okay, bye.

I gave them all hugs.

So I get to meet your grandparents ? I asked as we walked to the car. 

Yes. He smirked.

I got into the passengers side and he got into the drivers side. 

Where are they gonna stay ?

Well, they are gonna stay at the house, so my mum wanted to know if it was alright if we share a room. SO is that okay ?

Err, Yeah, Sure.

Why do you seem so unsure ?

Err, It's Uhh, Nothing.

Err. Okay, what ever you say. 

It seemed like a car ride that lasted forever, But i was a nice car ride. We finally got home, I got introduced to his grandparents Anna And Felix. 

Well hello there pretty lady. Felix said.

Haha, Thanks ?

Come on Breanna let's get your stuff and put them in my room.


We walked up stairs, we walked to the guest bedroom to get my stuff. 

Ermm, Niall ?

Yes ?

Where's my stuff ?

Well I geuss my mum already put them in my room. Let's okay.

Okay. I hope they are there.

Hey I found them

Yay. I ran over to my clothes, grabbed my, Checked all my messages, I had what seemed like 20 Million messages just from Sophia. Most of them were, Where are you ? Can you hangout ? But My most recent one is Everything okay ? So I decidded to text her;

Me;  Hey Sophia, everything is okay now, How about we meet up later at Starbucks ?

Breanna !!

Yes Niall ?

May I have your number ? He winked.

Haha, Of course. But you didn't have to ask !! I winked.

Haha, Fine, Breanna give me your number !! Is that better ?

Haha, Here, ***-***-****

Thank you. 

Your welcome now whats yours ?

***-***-**** There you go.

Haha Thanks. Finally Sophia texted back.

Sohpia.<3; Alright Sounds good. ;3

Me; do you mind if i bring someone along ? (;

Hey Niall, Do you mind if we meet my best friend up at Starbucks ?

No, Not at all. As long as you two don't mind the paparazzi. 

Haha, We won't mind.

Sophia<3; Yeah That's fine ;P

Me; But, Do you promise me to not freak out ?

She was like the biggest One Direction fan ever. Ahhhh My phone is gonna die, Can I plug it in your charger ?

Haha, Yes of course.

Yay, thanks.

Your welcome.

While I was plugging in my phone, Sophia texted back.

Sophia.<3; I promise.(:

Me; Okay, See you soon.(:

Hey Niall.

Yes ?

Can I call you my leprechaun ?

Haha, yes. Can I call you my Ninja Turtle ?

Haha, yes. I'm a NINJA TURTLE.

Haha. Your adorable.

Haha, Your more adorable. 

Haha, No you are. !

Haha, What ever. I'm gonna go jump in the shower. So I'm all clean. 

Haha, Better get clean. !

I will. 

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